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The owner of TBC Marketing works from a small office within a serviced building especially for small business owners. However, this building didn’t come with a telephone answering service, so after asking around in her business network, she discovered Face for Business and has not looked back since.

As she is a small business, her concern was keeping costs to a minimum but she wanted to look for a solution for call answering issues. She doesn’t like taking mobile phone calls when she is delivering training, or attending networking meetings or when she is with clients, as she doesn’t like to appear unprofessional and loves to give her clients her undivided attention.


This is the main question most businesses ask themselves when phone calls are becoming a distraction and a nuisance during your working day. But it doesn't have to be this way. When people in business consider using a telephone answering service, other questions can include; can I trust them? Who are they? How do I know they provide a good service? Face for Business try to answer these questions and assure you of many more answers in this article. However, if you have any further questions about using a telephone answering service, we'd be more than happy to have an informal conversation with you, at your convenience. 

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Telephone answering, phone answering, call handling and call answering are all terms used to describe the service we provide here at Face for Business.  Sounds good, but do you know what our offering really entails and how it could benefit you? Well, let’s start by saying it isn’t about a faceless call centre where phones are answered and messages emailed, end of. At Face for Business we are about so much more than that...


Do you want your small business to appear larger with more professionalism?

 Small Business Owner uses call handling service

With ambition and drive, Jesse runs a small but growing business and is a firm believer that first impressions count.  He contacted Face for Business several months ago when he no longer wanted clients to go through to voicemail when he was unable to take his calls. However, with his hard-earned reputation on the line, he wanted a PA who was a part of his team.  From the moment he met our call handing PAs and support staff, Jesse was impressed with the Face for Business approach and ethos, and today he is delighted with the service we are offering him and his company.  Jesse was paired with Sarah, whose background and work experience gave Jesse that additional confidence and he has now built up an excellent working relationship with her. 



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Does Brexit Bother You?



Are you worried about Brexit?


It’s been over a year since the UK public voted to leave the EU and what a year it has been.  As well as reaching a monumental crossroads for the country’s future, we have also seen an increase in terrorist attacks, a rise in inflation and an unexpected General Election that has led to the Conservatives joining forces with the DUP to secure power.  As a result of 24/7 news and social media posts, things feel a little out of control. It seems we have gone from an EU nation where we had the freedom to move and trade as we wished, to one that is in limbo, uncertain of where we go from here...