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Need a bit of help and support during seasonal peaks in business?

Seasonal Support from Face for Business

Do you crave support at certain times of the year? Do you get snowed under with the amount of work you have to do leading up to, and during, the holiday period? Are you stressed out by the constant ringing of your phone, and wish you could get on with your work? 

Inbound calls not outbound cold calling

We all experience busy periods at work, but having a solution to manage them can sometimes be difficult to find.  Dependent on your line and type of business, the support you're looking for can come in many shapes and forms. However, most businesses have one similarity, they all rely on inbound phone calls to bring them new business, especially in this era of inbound marketing - cold calling just doesn't cut it any more.  Take a look at this article by Forbes writer, Steve Olenski. In the article he describes how cold calling has had its day, and goes on to give 3 great tips to maximise your inbound marketing strategy.

Speaking from experience, we're helpful, and we give our callers our full attention and equally we be attentive to them. Don't rush the sale.  If you nuture your relationship with your prospect and give them enough information to make an informed decision, you'll probably have a better chance of closing the sale.  They'll remember you and your warmth.  Most inbound callers have done their homework on your business, and are ready to buy from you.  It's at this point that they'll either be put off or will tune in to what you are confirming for them. 

Sue - Personal Assistant

Sue joined Face for Business in March this year. She loves working for us as everyone really does work as a team and help each other out. “We all get along so well! I look forward in the morning to coming into work which is a lovely feeling!”

Call answering PA Face for Business

Sue at our Twinkle House Fundraising Event with Reece Cannon.


Helping businesses with their call answering

“Face for Business is a great business and offers our clients a very personal service – by using our business all their calls are answered, so they don’t have to worry about missing any. Also they can update their status - for instance if they are in a meeting or on leave or out of the office, so we can relay that information to their customers. As a PA you are assigned your own clients so you do get to know the customers who ring regularly”.

"All the team are friendly, professional and handle your calls as if they were in your office, answering every call with your company name, taking messages and making sure you maintain a consistent professional image for your business by making sure you don’t miss a call. All calls are recorded and appear on the client’s portal, and this keeps us on our toes as we know that our clients can log in and listen to the way we handle their calls! I think this is unique to Face for Business.”

Face for Business Snowdonia

Snowdonia Mountain Railway, Snowdonia, North Wales


Make your customers’ experience of your tourism business memorable.” That’s the advice from Denise Hampson, former British cycling champion and author of ‘Desire Code’.

Go North Wales Conference at the IFB 2016

Face for Business attended the Go North Wales conference (as part of the International Festival of Business 2016) in the summer of this year, and we were enthused by the amount of fantastic tourism activities on offer in North Wales, and furthermore, we were inspired by all the speakers who presented. Denise was one of the speakers at the conference and her talk really resonated with us. Denise tried to get the audience to think about the customers experience and the logistics behind their thinking. One comment she made gave us food for thought, as she suggested that customers may try to book tourism activities during a spare ’30 seconds’. She asked us, ‘would you be prepared?’ Denise reinstated that as a tourism business you really need to give your customers certainty and confidence that they made the right decision in booking with you, and all this starts from their first interaction… 



 Face for Business Accountant

Face for Business provides companies in the financial sector a personalised solution for the problem of missed calls. Are you missing calls during busy working times, such as the first hour of the working day or over lunchtime? Are you worried this is making your business appear unprofessional or inconsistent? Are some months busier than others and you don’t want or need to hire full time staff or afford the time and expense of hiring temp staff? Have you considered outsourcing?