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International Festival of Business 2016: An Overview by Chris Heyes, Head of International, IFB2016

The International Festival for Business 2016 (IFB2016) will start on 13 June and will run to 1 July. IFB2016 will see significant improvements on IFB2014, following a consultation with 2,000 delegates and stakeholders.

There are three key weeks and themes:

• Week 1: manufacturing
• Week 2: energy and environment
• Week 3: creative and digital

There will be four themes within each week:

• Financial and professional services
• Logistics
• Education
• Science and innovation

The entire festival will take place at the brand new £25 million Exhibition Centre Liverpool, and we’re expecting 31,500 delegates to attend, of which we have an aspirational target of 40% which we hope will be overseas companies. Our real aim is to bring businesses together to network, and to encourage UK SMEs, in the main, to look at new export opportunities.  The government has a huge drive to find up to 100,000 new SMEs to export, and are looking at a target of £1 trillion worth of exports by 2020. IFB2016 will help it achieve this target.

Delivered by Liverpool Vision in partnership with UK Trade & Investment and the GREAT Britain Campaign, and with the support of the UK government, IFB2016 will feature the GREAT British Showcase – an exhibition of UK innovation, technology, design and creativity. It will also feature the Exporting is GREAT Export Hub and a changing, interactive display of UK industry sectors and inward-investment opportunities.

The Exporting is GREAT campaign launched in November 2015– you may have seen the television adverts, watched the videos online or noticed posters on buses and trains. The campaign targets non-exporting UK companies and showcases live export opportunities.





One in five of UK businesses currently exports. In Germany it’s one in three. Although we have a very advanced market in our own right, there are 70 million people in Great Britain, and we need to encourage our businesses to grow and export more. People may be nervous about growing, but if you compare Great Britain to Germany, we need to catch-up. But this is changing and there are new tools available to help. If you think in terms of eBay and e-commerce helping traders to export more it looks like it’s the education process that businesses need to know more about. Worries about payment, foreign exchanges, and goods delivered on time are still to be addressed.

This year IFB2016 will have a business-services area, which will be full of free advice from lawyers, banks, export-finance specialists and market advisers. These will be situated within the Future Deals Lounge. If businesses have agreed a great deal with a Chinese business, for example, and they walk out enthused, they can take the next steps straight away, and use the Future Deals Hub to speak to the bank about opening an RMB (Chinese finance) account. They will also be given information and contacts. There will also be logistics advisers ensuring that there is a good service to that particular market. All these services are free.

IFB2016 has tried to think of all the barriers to export, and it seems the main barrier is the business itself. This is the main message that we’re trying to get out within Liverpool City Region and the North West – IFB2016 is bringing foreign companies over to the UK which have the desire to work with businesses, and we’ve got the tools and contacts to make this happen.

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So, why are so many people choosing to be freelance?

More people are seeking a better life/work balance and turning their passions into paid jobs and the demand for flexible working is increasing, not just from workers but employers too. Hiring someone to do one off or part time regular freelance work is much more cost effective for a company than employing someone full time and outsourcing is becoming a more popular option for many businesses. In the UK three in five businesses say that it would be difficult to run their businesses without hiring freelancers.  Not all freelancers are leaving the so called rat race and following their passions into writing, music, and filmmaking or creating art for a living. Many freelancers are adapting their high flying city jobs being stuck in one city centre company office into a location independent opportunity. Freelancers used to be limited to writers and graphic designers and while these professions still make up the majority, due to the internet and improvements in technology such as video calls, the jobs now suitable for freelance work has greatly expanded to include social media managers, online tutors and even remote GPs / doctors. Face for Business has a number of remote doctors who use their call answering to capture new clients when they’re at appointments. It’s a win-win situation – the doctor is mobile, and calls are diverted to the answering service when they’re in with a patient.   Many freelancers have more than one job title, with some writers, for example, also being proof-readers, editors or marketers.


A business based in Burscough

The Face for Business offices are in the town of Burscough, in West Lancashire, a thriving community for residents and businesses. The Leeds – Liverpool canal passes through the town and the Burscough Wharf development is a local hub of activity. The Wharf houses many independent shops, restaurants and businesses and is where Face for Business were previously based before our move this week. The Burscough area can be explored on foot, by bikes rentable in the town or by the waterways on a narrowboat.

The History of Burscough
There is a fun self-guided walk through Burscough with interlinked pedestrian areas and squares. The walk includes creative artwork, paving and lighting. The design is inspired by the many processions that used to go through the town and there are several fairy tale type stories linked to the area. The journey takes you from Wharf Square to Church Square, along the high street, to the town clock. More information on Burscough history can be found here.