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Face for Business

We’ve all thought about it. If you could get any phone number in the world, who would you call?

We wanted to find out exactly that, so we asked 1,000 people in the UK: “Whose phone number would you most like to get your hands on?”

Men and women of all ages, from across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, provided us with answers, and the results were fascinating!

Burscough Wharf

Face For Business’ offices are situated at Burscough Wharf, which is a unique development housing 12,000 square feet of canal side buildings, situated in the market town of Burscough in West Lancashire.

Right First Time

Right First Time is a mantra we use at Face For Business. If we get it right first time, we can’t go wrong and we will give the best impression we can, first time.

Our receptionists answer the phone as soon as it rings, and with our bespoke call identifying service we can see who the caller is and be prepared. At the beginning of each day our receptionists find out where their customers are so that they look professional and so they can act as part of our client’s team or business. They also offer a daily call to their clients as a matter of courtesy.

Face for Business

Since the invention of the telephone back in the late 1800’s, life has not been the same. It has brought people closer and made the world smaller. Making phone calls is now part of our everyday life, and with the introduction of Smart Phones, our phones are attached to us 24/7, acting as a portable mini-computer.

However, life was not always as accessible as it is now…