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Using a telephone answering service for customer service.

Face for Business is a prime example of how using an outsourced reception can ‘boost your profits’. According to an article in The Guardian on 12 November 2013, small businesses and very small customer service requirements should look into outsourcing their phone calls and telephone services. The article continues to say that the outsourced ‘smaller telephone services will get to know your business and culture so any customer will feel they have had direct contact with a competent member of the business team without a call centre in sight’.

Face For Business helps businesses of every size handle their incoming telephone calls and messages. We take the calls so you don’t have to, and we understand that your business is exactly that - your business.

Face for Business

If you are an entrepreneur, or a small to medium sized enterprise, and you are looking to expand by taking on additional staff, the value of a talented and well-integrated team can't be overstated.

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GEW 10th Anniversary

Face For Business would like to congratulate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) on reaching its tenth anniversary. If it wasn’t for initiatives and campaigns such GEW and Small Business Saturday UK, small businesses would probably not have the back-up, support and assistance in pushing businesses forward.

Face for Business

Burscough, Lancashire

Although Burscough is a small village in West Lancashire, it has many diverse businesses who would relish the opportunity of being promoted across our parish and neighboring communities.  The ‘Love Burscough Street Team’ is a small group of business people whose main aim is to promote local businesses through the new realm of communicating and promotion via social media. Social media is a very effective platform of promotion and marketing and if it’s done correctly, can be of great benefit.