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Happy Social Media Day!

Socia Media Day was created by Mashable.com to celebrate social media's impact on worldwide communications.  30th June 2016 marks its 7th anniversary.  Mashable also organises regular 'meet ups' and has its own hashtag to help celebrate 'Social Media Day' follow the celebrations using #SMDay.  Follow Mashable's Social Media events at Mashable.com. 

IFB-is-Great 7 reasons to attend by Face for Business

Face for Business looks at the 7 Reasons Why You Should Attend #IFB2016

The International Festival of Business has come back to Liverpool for the second time! The festival is taking place from Monday 13th June to Friday 1st July 2016. If you’re in the area and considering attending, here’s 7 reasons why you should…





Come and join us at The Blue Mallard for some singing, good food and fun!

Face for Business is continuing to raise funds for our nominated charity, Twinkle House! We’re hosting a fundraising event at The Blue Mallard, based in Burscough Wharf, with special entertainment from Maurice Cannon, formerly of The Drifters, who will be delighting us with Drifters classics such as ‘Up on the Roof’ and ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’!  Twinkle House ambassador, Goldie (of X-Factor fame) will also be at the event, and will tell guests more about Twinkle House, its wonderful staff and services.

The tickets cost £25.00 each, and includes a delicious 3-course meal and entertainment, as described above. Face for Business staff members will be at the event, and are looking forward to the community spirit that, they hope, will be there in abundance!

At the event we hope to raise £2000 which is well on the way to reach this year’s fundraising target of £5000. However, the charity needs to raise £50,000 annually to cover the running costs.

If you would like to purchase a ticket please call the booking line on 01704 637037 or email . But be quick, the lure of food from The Blue Mallard together with music from soul sensation, Maurice, are proving to be a great combination!



International Festival of Business 2016: An Overview by Chris Heyes, Head of International, IFB2016

The International Festival for Business 2016 (IFB2016) will start on 13 June and will run to 1 July. IFB2016 will see significant improvements on IFB2014, following a consultation with 2,000 delegates and stakeholders.

There are three key weeks and themes:

• Week 1: manufacturing
• Week 2: energy and environment
• Week 3: creative and digital

There will be four themes within each week:

• Financial and professional services
• Logistics
• Education
• Science and innovation

The entire festival will take place at the brand new £25 million Exhibition Centre Liverpool, and we’re expecting 31,500 delegates to attend, of which we have an aspirational target of 40% which we hope will be overseas companies. Our real aim is to bring businesses together to network, and to encourage UK SMEs, in the main, to look at new export opportunities.  The government has a huge drive to find up to 100,000 new SMEs to export, and are looking at a target of £1 trillion worth of exports by 2020. IFB2016 will help it achieve this target.

Delivered by Liverpool Vision in partnership with UK Trade & Investment and the GREAT Britain Campaign, and with the support of the UK government, IFB2016 will feature the GREAT British Showcase – an exhibition of UK innovation, technology, design and creativity. It will also feature the Exporting is GREAT Export Hub and a changing, interactive display of UK industry sectors and inward-investment opportunities.

The Exporting is GREAT campaign launched in November 2015– you may have seen the television adverts, watched the videos online or noticed posters on buses and trains. The campaign targets non-exporting UK companies and showcases live export opportunities.





One in five of UK businesses currently exports. In Germany it’s one in three. Although we have a very advanced market in our own right, there are 70 million people in Great Britain, and we need to encourage our businesses to grow and export more. People may be nervous about growing, but if you compare Great Britain to Germany, we need to catch-up. But this is changing and there are new tools available to help. If you think in terms of eBay and e-commerce helping traders to export more it looks like it’s the education process that businesses need to know more about. Worries about payment, foreign exchanges, and goods delivered on time are still to be addressed.

This year IFB2016 will have a business-services area, which will be full of free advice from lawyers, banks, export-finance specialists and market advisers. These will be situated within the Future Deals Lounge. If businesses have agreed a great deal with a Chinese business, for example, and they walk out enthused, they can take the next steps straight away, and use the Future Deals Hub to speak to the bank about opening an RMB (Chinese finance) account. They will also be given information and contacts. There will also be logistics advisers ensuring that there is a good service to that particular market. All these services are free.

IFB2016 has tried to think of all the barriers to export, and it seems the main barrier is the business itself. This is the main message that we’re trying to get out within Liverpool City Region and the North West – IFB2016 is bringing foreign companies over to the UK which have the desire to work with businesses, and we’ve got the tools and contacts to make this happen.