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So, why are so many people choosing to be freelance?

More people are seeking a better life/work balance and turning their passions into paid jobs and the demand for flexible working is increasing, not just from workers but employers too. Hiring someone to do one off or part time regular freelance work is much more cost effective for a company than employing someone full time and outsourcing is becoming a more popular option for many businesses. In the UK three in five businesses say that it would be difficult to run their businesses without hiring freelancers.  Not all freelancers are leaving the so called rat race and following their passions into writing, music, and filmmaking or creating art for a living. Many freelancers are adapting their high flying city jobs being stuck in one city centre company office into a location independent opportunity. Freelancers used to be limited to writers and graphic designers and while these professions still make up the majority, due to the internet and improvements in technology such as video calls, the jobs now suitable for freelance work has greatly expanded to include social media managers, online tutors and even remote GPs / doctors. Face for Business has a number of remote doctors who use their call answering to capture new clients when they’re at appointments. It’s a win-win situation – the doctor is mobile, and calls are diverted to the answering service when they’re in with a patient.   Many freelancers have more than one job title, with some writers, for example, also being proof-readers, editors or marketers.


A business based in Burscough

The Face for Business offices are in the town of Burscough, in West Lancashire, a thriving community for residents and businesses. The Leeds – Liverpool canal passes through the town and the Burscough Wharf development is a local hub of activity. The Wharf houses many independent shops, restaurants and businesses and is where Face for Business were previously based before our move this week. The Burscough area can be explored on foot, by bikes rentable in the town or by the waterways on a narrowboat.

The History of Burscough
There is a fun self-guided walk through Burscough with interlinked pedestrian areas and squares. The walk includes creative artwork, paving and lighting. The design is inspired by the many processions that used to go through the town and there are several fairy tale type stories linked to the area. The journey takes you from Wharf Square to Church Square, along the high street, to the town clock. More information on Burscough history can be found here.

Face for Business Gwynedd Business Week

Are you a business in North Wales? Are you experiencing periods of growth? Would you like more information about the support services in your area, to help make your business run more smoothly?

POST EVENT NOTE:  Please follow the link for access to the presentation that was given at the Gwynedd Business Week event.  The presenters are happy to answer any further questions you may have. What is outsourcing and how can it benefit your business?

NatWest Cymru, in conjunction with Face for Business, TBC Marketing and Supertemps Ltd, is hosting an event during Gwynedd Business Week, to inform businesses about outsourcing, and how it can have a positive impact on certain aspects of daily business activities.

The collaborative presentation will take place on Wednesday 18th May, 9.30am – 12 noon, Ty Menai, Parc Menai, Bangor. (Free refreshments and breakfast for all participants). There will be an opportunity to network with other businesses and outsourcing service providers. There will also be representation from the Federation of Small Businesses

THIS EVENT IS FREE – get your ticket here

We surveyed 1000 UK homeowners to understand their preference for traditional high street or online estate agents. We also asked them how they felt about levels of customer service in the sector. See the results on our infographic below.