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 Face for Business Driving School Receptionists


I have worked for Face for Business for nearly three years now and I can honestly say that I love my job and love coming to work.  We have a great team that work as a team, which is really important to the role of a phone answering service PA.  I’m lead PA for clients from the driving school sector.  Whether they be an independent instructor or a driving school with many driving instructors on board, my role is to answer their calls.  As you can imagine, instructors are out on the road every day, sometimes from 8.00am in the morning right through to 8.00pm at night, so the chance of having time to answer their phone calls is quite slim.  That’s how I help! When my driving instructor clients are out on lessons with their pupils they simply pop their phone on divert and their calls all come to me. 



 Face for Business Moving Day Countdown


Love your location but feel like you could do with a bit more storage space?  Have loads of room but feeling isolated in a rural location?  While moving can be stressful, getting your workspace right can vastly improve your business, help generate new clients and let you employee more staff, all of which makes the hassle of relocating worth it.  Take your time to find the right property in the perfect location with the best terms and conditions, and you are half way there.  We won't disagree that moving itself will be stressful, but we have some simple golden rules for the lead up to the big day to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.


 Eight Ways to Ease into Networking with Face for Business



If networking fills you with dread and spending your Thursday morning at the dentist is more appealing than chatting to potential clients, you aren’t alone.  For many of us, networking can be a daunting task and the idea of making small talk with strangers can be intimidating at the least, terrifying for many.  However, with breakfast meetings, women only lunches and evening drinks, networking doesn’t have to be painful, but something you can enjoy and dare we say it, look forward to. Read on for more tips on how to make the most from networking opportunities. 


 Pexels Clicks to Cash Face for Business

Do you have a website that looks great and gets lots of positive feedback? Are your clicks converting into sales? Is new business coming in? 

Whilst we can’t make someone hire you or buy your products, as a company that secures new business via our website, we have some tips on how to convert website visitors into paying customers.