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RetailersThe cleaning industry is highly competitive, with missed calls costing £100s in lost income, and £1000s in referral business. By outsourcing your call handling and reception services to us, you can be sure of never missing out on another new client. And we’ll help you reduce your business costs, freeing up funds to improve your service offering and prices. Did you know that almost 50% of calls we take for our cleaning company clients are new enquiries? Our skilled PAs are great at dealing with new customers and ensure all details and requirements are captured in a way that makes it easy for you to follow up enquiries.

Features and Benefits Business for Cleaning Companies

  • Personalised Call Answering: With your own dedicated PA – a real person with a real name, answering calls as if in your office – call answering is tailored to your business. Calls are transferred to your mobile phone or home phone if you’re out of the office with messages relayed to you promptly by text or email.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Every call answered the right way every time. The FFB phonebook facility captures regular caller information, enabling our PAs to engage with them more efficiently, helping to secure future contracts.
  • Increased Productivity: You can concentrate on the more important business, safe in the knowledge that your clients’ calls are being answered promptly and efficiently.
  • Cost Savings: We streamline the call handling process, removing the need for landlines, reception staff, cover periods - helping reduce your overheads and employment costs.

Businesses within the cleaning company industry are reliant on incoming phone calls to capture new business. We’ve discovered that our clients from this sector rely on our service not only to take on new business but also to retain a professional image and to ensure that all customers receive a high level of service. We take customer’s names, addresses, requirements and date of clean required.

  • Our Handpicked PAs are rigorously tested and fully trained
  • We provide you with a lead PA who you can really get to know
  • Calls are answered professionally in the manner you request
  • Limit nuisance calls and free-up time for real work
  • Reduce costs with a flexible call answering solution
  • Our call record facility allows you to listen back to all your calls
  • You can use us all of the time, or some of the time
  • Review your calls and messages at anytime, anywhere with our online portal

Cleaning Company Case Study

Client: Gerrard’s Carpet Cleaners

We provide telephone answering services for Gerrard’s Carpet Cleaners. Gerrard’s has been with Face for Business for just over a year now, and we have developed an excellent working relationship with them. As the nature of their job is to be out of the office, meeting clients and viewing jobs, they were concerned about the number of calls they were missing.

The main reason why Gerrard’s came to Face for Business is because they didn’t feel the need to employ a full-time assistant. They cherish the fact that they can stop ‘worrying about missing important calls’. Not only do we take calls from existing clients, we also capture many new clients for Gerrard’s, and have effectively contributed towards the growth of their business. Gerrard’s like the fact that their messages are emailed to them, and they can check them whilst out and about, and can respond as necessary.

Face for Business’ contributes towards their service by:

  • Allowing Gerrard’s to attend appointments without worrying about missing calls.
  • Providing a cost-effective alternative to a full-time receptionist. Our message packages suit their needs and budget, therefore reducing overheads and associated employment costs.
  • Maintaining their professional image by answering their calls promptly and taking messages from their existing clients, helping provide a better customer experience.
  • Capturing new clients by taking down detailed information and acting on behalf of Gerrard’s, ensuring that no calls are missed and preventing the caller going to a competitor.

Client Testimonial

Face for Business is an excellent company. As my job demands me meeting some of my potential clients face to face it does take me away from the office. I don’t require a full time assistant and this is where FFB comes in. Annette Parker my dedicated PA answers my calls as if she is actually sat in my office.

The service stops me worrying about missing important calls and losing new clients. I get an email after Annette has taken a call and I can check these on my IPad while out and about. I can get back to these clients immediately. It also saves me having to take nuisance sales calls which could possibly make me late for my appointments.

When I have asked my clients about their experience when calls have been handled by FFB, they say the service is very friendly and professional. Annette is always available to speak to and is always happy to help and with a monthly catch up call I know everything is being done to help my business run smoothly.I look forward to continuing my relationship with FFB.

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