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Accountants who used our service have found that they can respond to messages as and when it’s convenient for them. Leaving them to focus on complex work without interruption.


Dedicated Answering Services for Small Businesses

If you work for yourself or run a small business, you won’t always be able to answer the phone. You’ve got projects to complete. Invoices to send. Clients to see. Meetings to attend. These are all important parts of your day that add value and help you grow your business. But when a call could be a new client or an existing customer, you can’t afford to miss it or let them go to voicemail.

Face For Business’ dedicated call answering services for small businesses helps you provide high levels of customer service and ensure all your inbound calls are dealt with promptly and professionally by our highly trained and experienced PAs.

Our PAs work as an extension of your team offering services from call answering and transfers, to outsourced live chat and managing your team’s appointment bookings so you can focus more on running your business while we focus on your calls.

Investing in our UK-based answering services for small business is more cost effective than hiring full-time, or even part-time staff, and gives your small business call answering support with none of the administrative jobs and costs of hiring employees. Find out how our answering services for small business can help you by getting in touch with our team today.

Benefits Of A Small Business Answering Service

Answer more calls

It’s rare you’ll deal with business calls one at a time. With our answering service for small businesses behind you, you’ll have a team ready to deal with every call that comes to your business

Stay open for longer

Extending your opening hours beyond 9-5 gives you more chances to increase sales and win business. With our small business answering service you can take calls outside your regular hours, without working more yourself

Avoid sales calls

Stop worrying about third party calls wasting your time offering services you don’t need. Our PAs can act as a barrier between you and unwanted calls, and even have you removed from undesired sales lists

Be more productive

Spend more time earning money and keeping customers happy, and less time dealing with phone calls that take up precious time. We’ll handle all your calls so you can work more on your business

Reduce staff costs

Don’t spend tens of thousands on a full-time member of staff just to deal with the phone. Our answering service for small businesses is flexible so you only pay for the time and service you use

Never miss another call

Don’t worry about missing important calls when you’re working or in a meeting. Our team of PAs make sure your small business never misses a phone call and works as an extension of your business to keep your customers happy

Our Small Business Call Answering Services

Telephone Answering

Telephone Answering

Never miss new business and customer calls again with your own PA working as an extension of your small business.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Get all the benefits of an in-house receptionist with none of the additional staff costs and management headaches.

Managed Live Chat

Managed Live Chat

Turn your small business’ website into a sales resource that can help you convert even more customers with a live chat bot.

A Small Business Call Answering Service You Can Trust

Small Business Experts

Our PAs have extensive experience answering calls for small businesses in all kinds of industries so you can trust them to make the right impression on your callers.

Instant Access

Get instant access to all your messages, call recordings and account information from your dedicated client portal and mobile app so you can always stay on top of your messages.

Online appointment booking

If you have a booking form on your website our small business PAs can help you confirm more appointments and help customers arrange appointments for you.

Capture more leads

As well as capturing more calls our answering services for small businesses can help you qualify leads before you talk to them so you can spend more time dealing with those who are more likely to become customers.

Transparent Services

We're the only UK telephone answering service for small businesses that give you access to your all your full call recordings so you can hear exactly how our PAs are answering calls and talking to your customers.

Proactive price management

We know that every penny counts when you're small business, which is why we automatically put you on the most cost effective tariff based on your usage so you're only ever paying for the service you need and use.

Trial Our Small Business Answering Service

Want to get a first hand look at how our answering service for small businesses would fit into your organisation before committing to a contract?

We get it – it’s a big decision. That’s why we offer a free 7-day trial of our small business answering service to all businesses who want it.

We’ll on-board you and set you up just like we would a paying client. You’ll be introduced to your dedicated virtual receptionists who will spend time getting to know your small business and the kinds of calls they’ll be dealing with.

We’ll even help you with your call handling scripts and set the rules for how you want specific calls to be dealt with. This could be figuring out which team members to forward certain calls to, which calls you always want forwarding to you, and what information you need from calls. Flexibility is at the heart of our answering services for small businesses so you get exactly the support your business needs.

We’ll also set you up with a client portal where you can easily view all your call information in one place 24/7!

And if you’re not convinced our answering services for small business is right for you after the initial 7-days, you’re free to leave with no obligations.

What OurCustomersSay About Us

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Face For Business support and suit our ever changing needs alongside providing help!

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Every step of the process was fully explained, with regular updates.

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I recommend them to everyone and I’m always full of praise for the service.

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A very slick operation, would highly recommend!

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Nothing is too much trouble and they're always on hand to answer any queries.

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    Transparent & Accountable Answering Service For Small Businesses


    Every penny counts when you’re a small business, so you want to know you’re getting what you pay for.

    Unlike other small business answering service providers, we don’t just give you your messages – you get access to full call recordings sent straight to your app.

    With 24/7 access to your call recordings, our PAs are fully accountable for every phone call we take on your behalf. All recordings are instantly available so you can listen to how your virtual receptionist deals with incoming calls to make sure they’re being handled as you expect.


    Emma is one of our newest PAs who has recently completed all her in-house training.

    Emma Smith

    Never Miss A New Business Call Again

    Every deal counts when you’re a small business and when every call could potentially be a new business opportunity, you need to make sure the call is dealt with professionally. But you can’t always be available.

    Maybe you’re already with a customer. You’re deep in a task and can’t take a break. Or you’re travelling and don’t have a reliable phone signal. There’s a whole range of reasons you could miss a business call.

    Remove this risk with a dedicated telephone answering service for small businesses from Face For Business. Our team of professional PAs make sure you never miss a call and take detailed messages for you to deal with later, transfer calls to specific members of your team, or even deal with simple enquiries for you.

    With Face For Business handling your small business’ calls you can concentrate on increasing your profits and growing your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need a small business answering service?

    As a small business (especially if you work for yourself) you cant always be available to answer the phone when you’re in meetings or working to complete projects for customers.

    But you also can’t afford to miss calls when it could be an existing customer with an important question or someone enquiring about your services.

    Our answering services for small businesses relieves the stress of missing calls and lets you focus on your business and doing what you do best.

    Do I have to sign a contract for your small business answering service?

    Our answering service for small businesses starts on a simple 30-day rolling contract and we ask that you start on a 120-day minimum period.

    Your monthly bills are always optimised based on your service usage so you’ll only pay for what you’re actually using.

    Plus, we give all small businesses the chance to start out on a 7-day free trial so you can get a better idea of how much cover you need our PAs to provide before signing up.

    How do I get my messages and check my calls?

    All customers have access to a dedicated online customer portal where you can review your messages, listen to the full call recordings of all conversations we have with your customers and manage your account.

    You’ll also have access to a mobile app so you can manage everything on the go.

    How does a small business answering service work?

    When someone calls your small business our PAs will answer the phone and talk to the caller just as if they were working from your office – except they work from ours.

    If you’re busy, our PAs will take a detailed message and all the relevant information you need to deal with the enquiry and automatically forward the details (and the full call recording) directly to your customer portal and mobile app along with a notification.

    If you’re available or the caller is someone you prefer to deal with, our PAs will transfer them directly to you or the most appropriate person on your team.

    However much support you need, our answering service for small businesses is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing business operations and take away the stress and hassle of dealing with phone calls while you focus on more pressing business matters.

    How will your PAs know how to answer my calls?

    During your onboarding process our PAs will work closely with you to get as much information about your business, products and services as possible and understand how you like your calls to be dealt with.

    By getting as much information as possible at the start, our small business answering service ensures that we provide the best service and experience to your callers and represent your business in the most professional way possible.

    Where are your small business answering service PAs based?

    All our PAs are UK-based working out of our office in Burscough. This includes all of our out-of-hours service and Live Chat agents.

    How much does your small business call answering service cost?

    The price of your package will depend on how many calls our PAs will handle but a typical small business answering service package with Face For Business starts at between £95 and £200 a month (most of our small business clients fit into this bracket)

    And because we charge by the second and don’t count sales or nuisance calls towards your bill you only pay for the calls that are valuable for your business.