Face for Business

Face For Business’ mission statement is:

“To become the UK’s best virtual PA and Receptionist provider, by going the extra mile for our customers and delivering outstanding quality, service and value”.

Our five core values are:

  • Quality – Delivering excellent standards consistently
  • Service – Going the extra mile to delivering great customer service
  • Value – Providing exceptional value to our customers 
  • Integrity – Consistently doing the right thing
  • Team Work – A great place to work where everyone is respected and valued

Our Research

So, how do we do this? From the outset, Face For Business underwent a rigorous research period in which we gathered information relating to clients ideals and expectations of a ‘virtual PA’ service. Face For Business spoke to a wide variety of clients about their experiences with their own existing virtual PA providers. The information that was gathered during this research phase is used within the core strategy and mission statement of Face For Business today.

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Face For Business expects high standards of Customer Service from all our staff. We ensure we meet this criteria by giving continuous training, reviewing our systems and gaining feedback from clients. We aim to have a 0% negative feedback rate at all times.


Face For Business’ main aim is to create a first-class service that truly addresses client’s needs – ensuring that we understand our client’s customers, their industry, their callers, partners and suppliers. This ensures that we provide a professional and knowledgeable service, and one that ensures our clients stay with us.


When undertaking our research we found that our clients wanted a ‘great PA’ not a ‘good PA’. Businesses wanted PA’s who knew their customers and callers inside and out and could deal with callers as if they themselves were a full-time member of staff. Being customer centred really does make the difference in sustainability when using a ‘virtual PA’.


As well as having a right first time ethos here at Face For Business, We also believe that it pays to be consistently doing the right thing. This is why we are transparent and open in relation to our pricing and always ensure that our client’s best interests are priority.

Team Work

We want our employees to come to a workplace where everyone is respected and valued. We hold weekly team briefings and monthly one-to-ones to ensure that we are all working together and to update staff on any changes within Face For Business.

In summary, Face For Business would like our reputation to be second to none, and we will ensure that we review our mission statement continuously, and adhere to the standards we have set ourselves. We want our business to be reputable and we want our clients to be 100% satisfied.