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Burscough Wharf

Face For Business’ offices are situated at Burscough Wharf, which is a unique development housing 12,000 square feet of canal side buildings, situated in the market town of Burscough in West Lancashire.


British Waterways purchased the wharf site in December 2008 and transformed it into a new leisure and retail destination, providing premises for several local business including hairdressers, a tea shop, a music school, a gallery gift shop and a couple of restaurants. One of the main aims of the development was to transform the town centre by linking in with the Leeds to Liverpool Canal to connect Burscough to surrounding towns. It is hoped that Burscough Wharf will become a hub of activity for the local community and the residents of neighbouring villages, such as Ormskirk, Parbold, Newburgh and Rufford.

Coming to Work at the Wharf

Not many people can say they go to work in purpose built office accommodation alongside a canal, can they? We at Face For Business, along with the other Burscough Wharf tenants, are greeted with a calming and serene setting with a myriad of barges drifting down the canal each day. As well as seeing colourful barges, decorated in the traditional manor, there is always a paddling of ducks making merrily along the waters. Can you just picture it? Viewing such a sight on the way into work can make you feel calm, content and ready for the working day ahead. Knowing that you are working in the heart of a local community, such as Burscough also instils a sense of pride.


FFB Premises photo

Face For Business Premises


Burscough Wharf by Night

As well as providing a base for office accommodation and retail opportunities by day, Burscough Wharf has a couple of restaurants that offer a variety of food both by day and night. The Blue Mallard is owned by ‘local lad’ Chris who is passionate about ‘great food and top-rate dining’. The menu presents a wide variety of regional foods and traditional dishes and is delightfully presented in a modern way. Combined with an atmosphere that is both relaxed and comfortable, The Blue Mallard makes a perfect evening retreat. http://thebluemallard.co.uk/;

Please visit Burscough Wharf's website for details on all the fabulous retail, commercial and businesses situated in this wonderful Wharf! Including:

The Traditional Sweet Shop
Unique Party Supplies
Blyth Spirit Emporium
Rose Tree Tea Shop
Memory Box Pictures
Northern Wardrobe
Adam Christopher School of Music
Sinner’s Club
The Blue Mallard
Lancashire Bread House
Domino Partnership Ltd
Gallery at The Wharf
Sewing Street
The Arts Centre
Octagon Wealth Management
Pritchard’s Ceramic Restoration Dolls Hospital


burscough wharf at night

Burscough Wharf By Night

All in all, there is a variety of businesses at Burscough Wharf, whose main focus is to bring more visitors into the area and inspire them to revisit. Whether you are looking for retail opportunities, office premises or a place to eat, life at the Wharf is one to be experienced!

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