Right First Time

Right First Time is a mantra we use at Face For Business. If we get it right first time, we can’t go wrong and we will give the best impression we can, first time.

Our receptionists answer the phone as soon as it rings, and with our bespoke call identifying service we can see who the caller is and be prepared. At the beginning of each day our receptionists find out where their customers are so that they look professional and so they can act as part of our client’s team or business. They also offer a daily call to their clients as a matter of courtesy.

Taking Control of the Call

We ensure that we get it right first time by taking control of our calls, and taking the time to listen carefully to our callers as we know that the quality of the message is important. Our receptionists ensure that any difficult names are spelt correctly, and always double check telephone numbers back to the caller.

As our receptionists are individuals at Face For Business we encourage them to create their own style of answering the phone, and with regular training and coaching our right first time ethos is met, together with individual call-answering techniques.

We also encourage callers to ring us back if they don’t get a response by the end of the morning or afternoon, thus ensuring that we are providing a first-class service – proving to our clients that their callers are as important to us as they are to them.

With calls that can have background noise or interruptions on the line, we will make a note of this in the body of the message we send to our clients, so they are aware if there is any mis-captured information. We want our clients to know that we care about their callers, in every way possible. We also capture telephone numbers and names in our address book. Capturing and managing calls professionally is where we hope Face For Business excels. We value the message as we know how important it is.

Open – Professional – Honest

We are completely transparent at Face For Business and let our clients view their usage and spend which can be viewed on the client portal at any time. We can adjust their plans mid-month to provide them with the best call answering service possible.

We do this by being as upfront and open as possible:-

  • There are no hidden fees or charges involved in any of our services.
  • Clients can view their rates and tariffs at any point by logging into their portal.
  • We can accurately track usage and, if needs be, adjust client packages accordingly.
  • If we think we can offer our clients a better price plan to the one they’re on, we’ll give them a call to let them know.

Understanding Our Clients

Face For Business makes it priority to get to know our clients business. We know that not one size fits all, and that a generic template cannot be applied to each business we represent, so we treat our clients as individuals. Our dedicated receptionists make it their aim to know our clients business so that they can offer a knowledgeable service to callers.

We will shape plans around their business and work with them to provide the perfect service. We can greet their customers in a way in which they prefer. We also, as part of our service, capture information about our client’s regular callers so we can engage with the callers professionally.

It is important that we really understand our clients business and engage with their customers in a personal and professional way, especially during busy periods.   We hope that our client’s callers will stay connected to them by using us.

When setting up the call system for our clients we record automated out of hours greetings, again, to build on the professional image of their business.

Our Staff Skills

At Face For Business we take great pride in our staff and ensure that we employ the right people for the role of the receptionists.

  • Staff are fully trained, and are natural communicators with exceptional people skills.
  • We employ the best and brightest people, backed up with a positive attitude and the latest technology.
  • We offer a reliable, friendly, professional service based around one receptionist who’s the perfect voice for our clients businesses.
  • Our receptionists are available to speak to at any time of the day – they are always there to help.

Right first time, right all the time!