As mentioned in a previous blog post, Face For Business was shortlisted for a national marketing competition, between the Marketing Agencies Association and Start-up Britain. The competition included the chance to ‘win an agency’ for a year.

In our entry we expressed the fact that we would very much welcome the opportunity to link up with expert marketing agencies in order to help us reach our target markets, and that we would appreciate the expertise and knowledge of marketing experts who have helped raise the profile of other small businesses. We also requested support with our brand development aims, and professional assistance in achieving our goals and maximising our mission.

Andy MacGregor, owner of the company, travelled down to London on 22 January 2014, to pitch Face For Business’ case to the nine marketing agencies. In his pitch, Andy summarised our business aims and objectives and presented our current marketing factors. Andy also explained that as a start-up business we were lacking a robust marketing strategy, brand consistency and marketing expertise.

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After a tense wait watching other pitches, it was finally Andy’s turn. During his presentation, Start-up Britain tweeted to say “Opportunity is massive for Face For Business as outsourcing has become more acceptable. Let’s see what the agencies think!”. Minutes later Marketing Agencies Association tweeted to congratulate Face For Business on the partnering of an agency. We were the second agency to gain support! James Willoughby of World of Initials raised his hand for us!


The annual event, which is now in its third year, ‘has seen fledgling brands transformed by the experience’.

Andy MacGregor, owner of Face For Business says he is “excited by the future prospect of working with Initials, and we’re looking forward to receiving the expertise, knowledge and suggestions that this worldwide marketing agency can bring to our small start-up business in Burscough”.

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