We’re all using apps right now, on our smartphones and iPads for leisure use, such as games, walking, shopping, and health. But what are the most popular apps for businesses? Face for Business takes a look at the top five mostly recommended.

Evernote –

This app lets you ‘make modern life manageable’ by enabling you to keep track of all your notes in one place. From to-do lists to photographs to edit of documents or even to save website addresses, Evernote helps you to be more organised.

Receipt Catcher – Link to App

Keeping a track of your expenses can be a time consuming task come the end of each month. This handy app lets you document expenditure on the go. Simply choose your categories such as food, petrol or accommodation then enter the dates and amount into the app and take a photo of the receipt. The app stores the receipts and there is also a function where you can display up to 10 receipts on one A4 page, ready for printing once you’re back at the office.

TripIt –

For the traveller who is often on the road or is flying out on business trips, Tripit lets you send all your travel confirmation emails to one app where it will present the information in an easily readable and accessible itinerary. You can edit the information as often as you like and can get directions to hotels as well as view it on maps and see what the local weather forecast is. It also keeps a note of our travel confirmation reference numbers.

Cam Scanner –

Scan documents using your smartphone or tablet and edit them. This app can come in very useful when needing to access and edit documents on the go or whilst at meetings etc. simply scan the document onto your device using the app, and edit. The document can then be forwarded. Documents can be converted into JPEG format for emailing or sharing on social media. There are a hammer of annotation functions making the editing stand out.

Dropbox –

Dropbox lets us share files instantaneously. We just need the email address of the person we want to share files with and the files are transferred to the ‘Dropbox’. Ideal for sharing larger files and saves time emailing multiple files or images.

Test Driving Evernote

We like the sound of the Evernote app, as our busy lifestyles means that keeping on top of things can be increasingly difficult. A member of our team will install the app onto her iPad and will use it for a week to keep track of appointments, action and deadlines. We’ll report our findings in a couple of months.

We’d love to hear back from anyone who has used the aforementioned apps. We’ll collate any feedback into a follow on blog!

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