wearable tech

Face for Business has looked at the new wave of ‘wearable tech’ and considered the pros and cons. Wearable tech ambassadors such as Will.i.am are making this form of technology cool and trendy. But, do these gadgets live up to the hype that they’re making?!

How realistic is the future of wearable tech? Will you be choosing to wear it? Are our gadgets turning too James Bond? Will the average person use these gadgets on a daily basis, in their daily life?

Would love to hear your views!



Useful for:

  • Controlling electronics – TV’s, lighting, other devices
  • Track sports performance
  • Monitors heart rate and temperature


  • Large and cumbersome on your finger
  • If you loose it, you’ll loose control

Samsung Gear Smartwatch


  • Measures heart rate
  • Tracks activity
  • Forwards ping notifications
  • Plays music via Bluetooth headphones
  • Has a useful ‘find my phone’ function


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone dependent – reliant on having the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone

Google Glass


  • Can send text messages hands free, via voice features
  • The recording functions means you can record from your own eye perspective
  • Hand and arm gestures can be set to operate the device
  • Directions can be sought and projected onto the right hand lens


  • There are some privacy and face recognition issues with the recording feature
  • The glasses currently stand at £1,500
  • They look a little cumbersome on the wearers face
  • People have been know to question the wearer, making for some uncomfortable stares and opinions.
  • Currently has a low battery life