Face for Business

Social Media Comes of Age

It was recently reported in The Guardian that “in a decade there will be approximately 4 billion people using smartphones and taking them everywhere”. This news comes from the recent announcement of Twitter being valued at £19bn during its first day as a public company. The article goes on to say that ‘social media has come of age’ and that applications such as Twitter “have the potential to be the glue” on these devices.

Digital Evolution of Smartphones

People already use their smartphones constantly to access their emails, to use social media, to take photographs, navigating to places and to shop online using various apps. So we, as a company, have to think about what we can do in the future to keep up with the digital evolution of smartphones.

However, Face For Business is ready for this next step, and we see the direction progressing naturally for us, as the systems that we use for our call handling and telephone answering service are already innovative and technologically advanced.

This is a great selling point for us, as when clients divert their calls to us we take messages for them and send them on via our bespoke portal. Should a client wish to view more details about the caller or the message, then they can simply login to their portal and view these details.

Accessible Portal

In the future we plan to develop an app that we can make available for our clients. Currently, our clients are able to access their portals via the web, which is already easily accessible via a smartphone, and this gives our clients the added bonus of being able to update their portal and view messages whilst out of the office.

Connected to this topic we also wrote a blog about the ‘Future of the Office’ where the idea of working remotely backs up the issue relating to smartphones.