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Which Number Should You Choose?

As a small business or someone who’s thinking of starting a new company, are you baffled about the type of telephone number you should choose? Should you use a 0845 number? What about Freephone and the associated costs? Should you keep your number to a local prefix code if you want to attract business nationwide? So many questions. Let Face For Business give you the low down on prefix codes.

Codes and their Uses


These numbers are non-geographical alternate numbers, usually for businesses.


These numbers are used by small and large businesses for sales, enquiries or customer service use.


Business use these numbers as Freephone numbers and are also  available for charity helplines.


Geographical numbers – these numbers relate to specific locations within the UK, and are normally used for homes and businesses.


UK-wide geographical numbers – these numbers are the alternative to the 08 code.


These numbers were specifically designed for not-for-profit  organisations, charities or public bodies to offer consumers a single point  of contact.


These are premium rate numbers and are mainly used for competitions,  TV voting, and chat lines. These  numbers can be barred and are also a regulated number.


Directory enquiry numbers.

Geographical and Non-Geographical Numbers

Here at Face For Business we can assign you an 0845 number which doesn’t limit you to a geographical location. The 0845 number is also a number that most businesses use within their marketing material, meaning that their business can be marketed globally, even, proving beneficial when attracting new clients.

Face For Business can also provide geographic numbers for various areas across UK, which can help to indicate a local presence for clients wishing to attract business in specific areas of the country.

So, if you’re looking to expand your business and need your calls looking after or are looking to branch out to different locations, call us for your free trial and divert numbers to see how our service can benefit yours. 0845 031 3232.