Customer service is the direct link between you and your customers. Your customer service staff act as the human face of your organisation, reflecting your ethos and standards.

West Lancashire Borough Council, like any UK council, needs a robust and efficient customer service team in order to deal with inbound calls, web queries, and face-to-face enquiries surrounding benefits, bill payments, housing and more.

We have looked at West Lancashire Borough Council’s publicly available statement of accounts to get an idea of their annual spend on customer service staff over the last 5 years.


 West Lancashire Borough Council Customer Services Budget

  Employee Salaries Running Expenses Cash Total
2013/2014 £576,030 £21,840 £597,810
2012/2013 £547,930 £23,240 £571,170
2011/2012 £572,010 £23,230 £595,240
2010/2011 £542,230 £24,500 £566,730
2009/2010 £592,870 £24,040 £616,910


As you can see from the data, there are a high number of staff employed at the council, that continuously fluctuates year on year.

To break down the data above, the running expenses include revenue used on premises, transport, supplies and services, and the cash total is the sum of employee and running expenses, less any external income.

Investing in customer services can ultimately improve your brand and reputation. You can set your set your standards and customer expectations to ensure customer satisfaction that leads to trust and better customer relationships.