What do your customers mean to you?

 Do you take enough time to meet their needs, take on feedback and most importantly, address what you are doing wrong?
As we all know, customer service is one of the key factors in making your business successful.  Keep your customer happy, and you’ve got their custom for life.  


Customer Care Strategy

They will make return visits and endorse you by word of mouth marketing – which can be a powerful tool.  (See our previous blog on Word of Mouth Marketing).  As a telephone answering service provider, Face for Business, has implemented a new customer care strategy which we feel is crucial to the success of our provision.  We are now at the stage where we can offer our customers feedback on their usage of our service and have implemented regular newsletters to keep our customer abreast of current developments, as well as providing them the opportunity to feedback to us.

Face for Business’ Top Customer Care Tips

  1. Listen to your customer – learn to know what they want and manage their expectations.
  2. Keep in regular contact with your customer – ask for feedback and incorporate this into your service.
  3. Use effective body language when talking to customers on the shop floor or when in meetings with them – maintain eye contact and give them your undivided attention.
  4. Think about the customers emotional needs – communication is the key to identify problems and resolutions.
  5. Treat your customer as an individual – be sincere and thankful, and treat each complaint individually too. Respond to each point raised.
  6. Apologise sincerely, and let the customer know what steps you are taking to resolve their problem.
  7. If a customer gets frustrated and doesn’t understand your systems and procedures, take time to explain it to them. You’ll probably find that once they understand the background to the way in which your company works, then they will be more patient and receptive.
  8. Think of ways to keep your customer on board – what can you give that your competitors can’t. Can you do anything extra – sending out thank you emails/letter/special offers for loyal customers etc.
  9. Your employees are your representation, so as well as keeping your customers happy, ensure that your employees are happy too – a happy employee conveys a positive company image.
  10. Finally, don’t promise the earth if you can’t deliver it! If you under promise and over deliver you have managed beyond a customer’s expectations!


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