Face for Business undertook some research in relation to SME’s and small businesses and how they feel about their relationships with their accountants.
We discovered that most accountants appear to lose clients because they feel they are not receiving the right level of contact.

During our research, we also found out:

  • Clients want their accountants to be proactive not reactive. But is this possible due to the nature of the business? What are your thoughts?
  • Fees – are fees too high? Is there a way to entice new clients to your business?
  • Technology – are you using the latest accountancy technology?
  • Are your staff qualified – there has been a recent article by the ACCA suggesting that accountants are not being questioned about their qualifications. Do your clients ask for proof from you?
  • Word of mouth referrals are a good method of obtaining new clients – by asking your clients to refer them, instils trust and meets customer satisfaction requirements.  Face for Business has just created its own bespoke Member Get Member scheme.
  • Clients don’t seem to have a relationship with their accountants – do you with yours?

Furthermore, undertook a survey recently asking various questions in relation to clients and want they need from their bookkeeper, and the results are displayed on this InfoGraphic.

Get trendy!
Get on trend and start using one of the top 14 start-up trends of 2014, as reported by The Telegraph at the beginning of the year! Virtual Assistants were noted as one of the top 14 trends.  Furthermore, it seems that many SME’s and larger businesses are turning to specialist answering services to assist them with their customer service objectives. Whether you’re a new company, small business or large company, a telephone answering service could provide you with the seamless service your customers expect. Read here to find out how Face for Business can help you and your business.