Introduction to Face for Business and Small Businesses

Ever since participating in last year’s Small Business Saturday, Face for Business, a telephone answering service in the UK, has had a hunger for assisting small businesses and SMEs.  As a new business ourselves, we have discovered how difficult it can be to access information, finding the most suitable advice and to grow and develop a business by overcoming various obstacles.

Being part of Small Business Saturday, and meeting various start-ups and entrepreneurs, made us realise that we could help to give these inspiring people something back.  Since then, it has been our mission to find information and share it.

Google Hangouts on Air

One of our ideas was to hold a series of ‘hangouts’.  We found this idea inspiring and innovative, and one that makes use of the technology available to us.  A hangout on air is not dissimilar to Skype, but is a video call that is recorded and broadcast live on air via You Tube.  Using Google’s own social platform presents its own series of opportunities and challenges, with many of the features unique to the platform.

Our First Hangout – “DIY SEO”

Our colleagues over at Tecmark agreed to host our first hangout, and Stacey MacNaught (Head of Search) gave us a really useful and informative presentation on SEO for small business. In the presentation Stacey talks about how small companies and start-ups can implement ‘Do It Yourself’ tips for search engine optimization by following several simple steps. Watch the video below, which is complemented by (the presentation Stacey made) to help you to make small but significant changes in the way you present your information online.

Guest Speaker:

Stacey MacNaught – Head of Search, Tecmark

Stacey is an expert in SEO and has spoken at many SEO industry conferences. She has been invited to speak at MozCon, which is an international SEO conference taking place in Seattle next month.  FFB has been working with Tecmark for nearly a year, and they are working with us to improve our presence online.  We were very pleased when Stacey offered to host our first hangout, and we’re sure you will agree Stacey knows her stuff.


Amy Diabira – HD Home UK
HD Home UK is a Nursing Agency and Healthcare Interior Design Company that specialises in delivering care to home dialysis patients.  Amy is one of FFB’s clients, and was delighted to be able to join in our first hangout.  Amy works for herself, and is using her website and social media to connect with new clients.  As Amy’s business is quite unique, she will be able to use Stacey’s advice to help her improve her website, which in turn should bring in new clients. Amy had this to feedback after the event:  “Thank you very much Stacey, your presentation was clear, informative and really useful. Thank you Face for Business for organising this hangout. Many small business will benefit from it”.

Jason Holden – Owner, Holden Associates
Holden Associates is a small accountancy business, and was pleased to be able to support FFB’s first hangout.  Jason is FFB’s new Finance Director, working alongside us to help us develop our business plans.


Andy MacGregor – Owner, Face for Business
Andy is the owner of Face for Business, and is very keen to share the knowledge we gain along our own company journey with similar companies and SMEs.  Andy has a passion for new technology and innovation, and is looking forward to watching FFB evolve.

Sara Parker – Marketing Officer, Face for Business
Sara moderated our Google hangout and is responsible for FFB’s social media strategy, blogs and assisting the company with its brand development and promotion.  Sara will be the consistent strand to FFB’s forthcoming schedule of hangouts, so if you’d like to be involved in future events, please email

Supporting Information and Links

You Tube Video Broadcast

Follow this link to view the presentation that Stacey McNaught gave during the Google hangout on air.

Notes from Presentation

Click here for a written summary of the DIY SEO presentation.

Our Next Hangout on Air

Face for Business is hoping to host a series of hangouts on air, improving the quality and smoothness of each one.  Our next one is going to be in the next few weeks – We’ll have an expert giving advice to SME’s with relation to the new Pension legislations.  Follow us on Google Plus to keep up to date with the event.