auto enrolment

Do you have auto-enrolment HR Pressures?  If so, let Face for Business help.

According to an article on Ingenious Britain’s website, over 50% of Britain’s SME’s are having to recruit extra staff to help support the new auto-enrolment legislation.

Auto Enrol SME surveyed 200 companies, and they found that:-

•31% hired a contractor to help

•33% recruited a part-time HR professional

•14% employed a full-time member of staff

All in all, it appears that this new implementation of auto-enrolment is putting pressure on companies to provide the necessary information and documentation required for the employees it affects.  This more than likely puts pressure on existing staff and they may see an increase in telephone inquiries.  That’s how Face for Business could help…

How can Face for Business’ call answering service help you?

We can provide a seamless overflow service for your company.  The way our provision works is that if all your phones are engaged you can set your phone to transfer calls to us – we’ll answer the call using your own greeting and the caller is not aware that they have come through to a telephone answering service.  Furthermore, we can take details such as name, number and pension reference.  This means that you have all the necessary information to hand to return the call.

Ring us and use our seven day free trial to see how our service works for yourself.  But before you do, take a look at our case studies and testimonials, to ease your concerns about using a call answering service.

The beneficial factor about our service is that it is flexible.  You can divert your lines to us as and when required.  First thing of a morning? Busy lunchtimes?  Holiday and sick leave cover?  The choice is yours.

With this new regulation putting additional pressure on your HR costs, maybe it would be a wise move to consider using Face for Business? Your calls are captured and clients/employees are satisfied that their query is being dealt with professionally.

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