Face for Business

Whether your small business is product based or service related, it’s always useful to know if you’re getting it right. Whether you are at the beginning of your venture, or whether you have been trading for a while, its always useful to obtain feedback to ensure you are meeting expectations, providing a first-class service or need future direction.

Survey Monkey Questions

Survey Monkey is a free application that helps you to receive the feedback you are looking for. Whether you want to ask basic questions concerning general issues, or want to customise your questions for more specific feedback, Survey Monkey has a package for you.

You can build your own surveys with bespoke questions to your business, you can choose how you wish to distribute the survey and you can use the in-built tools to monitor and dissect the responses.

You are in control of the questions you want to ask. You can add your own business branding and can, by signing up to the pro version, have access to millions of respondents.   Survey Monkey also ensures that your data is safe and secure.

How Face for Business will use Survey Monkey

As a small business ourselves, Face for Business is about to use Survey Monkey to receive feedback on our service. As we approach our final quarter of our first year of business, we’re eager to find out how we are doing.

We’ll be asking:-

  • our accountancy clients how helpful our service has been
  • our mortgage brokers how many new clients we’ve captured for them
  • the maintenance companies on our books, how much time we’ve gained for them by taking the bulk of their messages
  • our driving schools how many new pupils we’ve booked lessons for.

We’re also very keen to find out how our PA’s are performing. Face for Business prides itself on our PA’s and their professional yet polite approach, and we want to ensure that this comes across to our client’s callers.

We plan to share our findings once processed, as we’re confident that the results will be positive.

This will be the first time we’ll have used Survey Monkey, and we’d welcome any feedback you have on the service.