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The Guardian produced an article on the effective use of Social Media for a small business. It states that you may not have the necessary budgets or manpower to create a marketing campaign, but used effectively, social media can present many possibilities. With Twitter at a high of 241 million monthly active users and Facebook with 1.2 billion members, you can strategically direct your efforts to your target market.

By using photographs, videos and blogs, you can market your new business, promote an event or raise brand awareness across a number of social media channels. As well as Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and Google Plus are other platforms that can be used effectively, with Instagram being another favourite with business to consumer marketing.

Using Social Media Effectively

Google Plus is the social media platform that start-ups and small businesses should be using more frequently. Google Plus is Google’s own social media channel, and if used correctly, can have a positive effect on your Google rankings.

Using the aforementioned social media programmes together with scheduling applications such as Hootsuite, can enable your social media strategy to work more efficient for you.

Understanding your Social Audience

Understanding your target audience can also help direct your energies into the most appropriate social media platform for you. For example, business to business brands may find that LinkedIn and Twitter works well for their services, whereas Facebook can be an excellent form of profile raising if you have a product to sell as Facebook is more visual. Alternatively, Google Plus, also provides a more visual environment for consumers.

What Works and When?

Another element to social media planning, is considering what time of the day posts should be scheduled. Our Marketing Officer undertook some research to understand which time of the day was best for each social media platform for our service. She done this by reviewing expert research as well as scheduling posts at different times of the day and using Google Analytics to review the effectiveness of each post. After reviewing the outcome over a couple of weeks, she discovered that Facebook worked best for Face for Business of an evening, the best time to tweet was of a morning, or early afternoon and that the businesses on LinkedIn were more likely to respond to posts first thing of a morning, lunch breaks or early evening. However, the efficiency of these posts are susceptible to the nature of our service and the subject of our blogs. You may want to find what works for you by trying the same method.

So when writing your social media strategy, consider what platform is best for you and at what time of the day. Using the free social media tools available means that you will be able to maximise the benefits and in turn reap the rewards an effective social media strategy can bring.

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