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What’s in a brand? Why is branding so important? What do we mean by instantly recognisable?

Face for Business’ Brand

As Face for Business is a telephone answering service, our brand was created around a 1950’s theme of the traditional secretary. We wanted to stand out from the call answering crowd and emanate something different. After conducting market research prior to going live with our brand, we presented our brand to a several focus groups and asked for feedback.

Branding Focus Group

Some of the questions we asked were: Is the brand relatable? It is recognisable? It is colourful? Does it get the main message of our service across? Is it original or unique? What do you think of our logo? What do you look for in a brand? What makes it instantly recognisable for you? Is it good advertising that’s made it stick? It is the logo or the colours? Following this process, we consulted with a graphic designer who took our design and brand on board and created our current look. produced a video which looks behind the psychology of colour in marketing, as colour can have an effect on behaviour. Choosing the right colour is another important aspect of your brand. Have a look at the video and see what your brand colour says about you!

Green, which is Face for Business’ main colour, portrays prosperity, peace, balance and is considered fresh!

Norwich Business School of the University of East Anglia conducted a course in Brand Leadership back in 2011, and they produced this video looking at branding, with excellent examples of who done it well.

Face for Business’ suggestions for brilliant branding.

Find Your Niche – Set yourself apart from your competitors – make your brand different.

Presentation – The way your information is conveyed tells a person how important your branding is to you.

Networking – In person, or virtually, is another proved way of getting your brand recognised. Get it out there! The more you share your brand, the better chance you’ll have of getting it recognised.

Customer Service – Provide a better service. Have a look at what your competitors are doing, then do it better and advertise the fact! The leading supermarkets play this game regularly.