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What’s your most productive time of the day? When you first get into work? After lunch? At the end of the day?

Factors Affecting Productivity

Many factors can reduce our ability to be productive, with ‘time of the day’ being the most influential cause. We may have had a sleepless night, the weather may bring your mood down. Some people are more motivated when they first arrive at work, others find that a deadline or end of day being more suited to their capabilities. But how does this affect productivity in the workplace?

Productivity Patterns

Have you ever noted down all your tasks for each day, the reviewed what you got done at the end of the week? Was there a pattern to your most productive tasks? Did you find that  you were most motivated during a certain time period? Maybe it would be a task worthwhile undertaking?

We all need to make the most out of our working day, and there is no greater satisfaction than ticking off tasks on your action list.

Productivity Tips

A few tips to consider:

  • Review your workload, and prioritise.
  • Make an action list.
  • Check your calendar for meetings and review your deadlines.
  • Make the most out of your breaks – get some fresh air, spend time away from your desk and computer.
  • Prepare in advance – if you have several meetings within the week, plan and prepare for them all and gather together relevant paperwork. Its ready then, and you can concentrate on other tasks.
  • Mix your day up between phone calls, responding to emails and planning. Or, if it suits you better, group them and work your way through each block.

Being productive is all about what works for you, and at what time of the day. Not all tasks can be completed as and when you would like, but the majority can, and by keeping to your own working practises, you can structure your working day around you.

We’d love to hear your tips!