The financial aspects of setting up a new business can pose a number of challenges. From generating the capital to start the business, to the management of your finances in the future, it is important to have a clear understanding of business finance.

You need to consider bookkeeping, human resources (encompassing employee benefits and pensions), insurance and tax. You can seek advice from independent financial advisers, but there are also a number of online resources that can provide you with valuable information and guidance.

Take a look below at our top five UK financial advice blogs for SMEs.


Unbiased is exactly that – it is the home of professional financial advice. This site provides a wide range of guidance, from personal financial information to small business advice. For SMEs, Unbiased focuses on business finance, pensions, employee benefits, starting your business and information relating to your business premises.

Small Business UK

Small Business UK is a comprehensive site offering advice to new SMEs. They focus on starting, financing and running a business. As well as providing news and a blog, they also answer specific questions. The site features guides, videos, slideshows and polls.


is4profit provides articles, guides and information for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups across a range of financial topics. Their site provides information relating to funding and growing your business, as well as advice on employment, finance, corporation tax, law and marketing.

British SME

This is a great resource for SMEs. The site features a wide selection of independent financial information specifically aimed at small to medium sized businesses. Their advice covers finance, banking, business banking solutions and investment, as well as an array of other related topics.

New Model Advisor

New Model Advisor, powered by Citywire, is a community of financial advisers that focus on holistic financial planning has created. This site provides you with direct insight from the world of IFAs.

We hope you’ll find these sites as useful as we have when making decisions about your business finances.