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IT Infrastructure Benefits

In the last decade home working has increased by 50% to a million, with 13% of the population working from home, as noted by The Office for National Statistics, and according to the London School of Business, the average person is interrupted every three minutes. The expansion of broadband and the ability to work remotely, means that in both cases company employees can log in to the IT infrastructure of the company they work for, and have access to files, as required. The introduction of 4G too, will help employees put forward a better case for working from home, as connections to the internet via mobile devices or tablets will be much more accessible.

Communication Technology that Helps

Skype and video conferencing means that meetings can still be held, with teleconferencing available for team briefings. However, home working can also have its downsides and distractions within the home, such as household chores, people visiting and daytime TV. However, the office doesn’t shut when working from home and as long as deadlines are met, it shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance.

Help, Hindrance and Tips

Staying focused seems to be the main factor, but if you can set yourself targets to plan, prioritise and be productive each day, then working from home can really benefit you!  Here are Face for Business’ help or hindrance factors – you’ll more than likely have your own to add to the list, so please feel free to let us know your thoughts. 


  • Flexible working hours, especially suitable for working parents
  • More productive and motivated
  • Saves commuting costs and time
  • Social media helps you feel connected – virtual conversation and business networking hours
  • Plan your own day
  • No distractions from colleagues or visitors


  • Feeling isolated
  • Increase in energy bills during cold spells
  • Distractions – daytime tv, household chores, social visits
  • Personal appearance may be demotivating
  • Eat more!
  • No social interaction with colleagues, commuters, or during lunchtime


Home-working 2


Tips to make the most from home working:-

  • Stay focused
  • Plan, prioritise and produce
  • Maybe make phone calls in the morning to help ease the feeling of isolation
  • Arrange several meetings per week to get you out of the house
  • Maybe work outside during good weather – garden, park, local coffee shop
  • Use Skype for those meetings you’re unable to get to