Pictures V Videos

Historically, pictures can tell a thousand words, so the use of videos should surely shout louder? Think about it, would you rather read an article or watch a video? Both provide the same information, but videos draw you in more and with today’s digital age of marketing and graphic design, video marketing is becoming increasingly innovative and effective.

video marketing images


Generally, photographs or pictures of products with accompanying text very rarely give a true idea of the product itself. If we think about the retail sector, in particular clothing, a picture of a garment with a description doesn’t really give us an idea of what that item may look like on. However, most websites now have videos including models wearing the clothes and showcasing them on a catwalk. This gives the consumer an idea of how the item looks, how the fabric flows and fits, and more of a true perception on the garment.

Another example of using video marketing including content is explaining a service. For example, Social Media Consultants Lily Jones Ltd, use a video to describe their Facebook Ladder promotion. The video is short and to the point but gets the message across effectively.


Example of Effective Video Marketing

A company called a Flipseek uses Live Link Video were viewers are shown a series of items in a video with clickable links embedded in the video for each item. It means that if you like the item the model is wearing you can click on the item and there is description and price of item with a link back to the page with an option to purchase.


Video Marketing of the Future

It seems the use of video marketing will increase this year as advances in internet and 4G technology means that buffering will become a thing of the past and videos will play instantly.  Face For Business showcases their call handling and telephone answering service on the attached video.  The content ties in with our brand and get the message across in just over one minute. We hope you enjoy watching the video, and agree that video marketing is the way to go!

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