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Using a telephone answering service for customer service.

Face for Business is a prime example of how using an outsourced reception can ‘boost your profits’. According to an article in The Guardian on 12 November 2013, small businesses and very small customer service requirements should look into outsourcing their phone calls and telephone services. The article continues to say that the outsourced ‘smaller telephone services will get to know your business and culture so any customer will feel they have had direct contact with a competent member of the business team without a call centre in sight’.

Face For Business helps businesses of every size handle their incoming telephone calls and messages. We take the calls so you don’t have to, and we understand that your business is exactly that - your business.

Telephone Answering Packages.

We know that no two businesses are the same and, as such, your Face for Business PA will handle your callers in the manner you request.  Outsourcing your calls enables you and your employers to get on with the job in hand and to focus on the main service of your business. Face for Business offers two types of call handing and telephone answering service packages. We have a message only package, where we will forward your message to you via email or SMS, and we also have a complete PA package where those important calls that you are expecting or priority calls can be transferred through to you immediately.

We don’t just offer our services to local business and nationwide, Face for Business has clients in America and India. The globalisation of business means that calls can be taken from anywhere in the world, and Face for Business can offer our clients non-geographical numbers taking away any pre-defined area/locality restrictions, meaning you can pitch for work from anywhere.

Significant Savings

In fact, looking at figures associated with employing receptionists and PA’s to take your calls, there is a significant amount savings per year to be made. If a company makes 100 calls per day on average, this would surmount to 2,200 calls approximately per month. Per year this rises to 26,400 calls.  If one receptionist costs an employer in the region of £22,400 per year, including on-costs associated with holidays, sickness, training and pensions etc, per month this transposes to £1866.

If a company wanted to outsource to Face for Business as an alternative, they could be placed on our PA1500 package at £1790 per month, making a saving of £70 per month. Or, if they chose to sign up for our Message 1000 package, the cost savings are even more substantial at £966.

Additionally, many of our smaller business customers have us answer 200 calls per month, and the pricing package varies from £200 - £275, which is a fraction of the cost of a full time receptionist.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about factors associated with sickness or annual leave, as we’ll be taking your calls and have a pool of PA’s who will look after your business calls for you.

Try our service for free.

Face for Business offers a free trial, so if you think we could benefit you and your service, try ours.

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