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Cost Saving with Face For Business

How can being one of our clients save you money?  Use our service for sickness, holidays, busy periods, overflow calls, recruitment and disaster recovery (such as phone lines going down/office relocation etc). Whatever your need, Face for Business has it covered.  

Why use a telephone answering service?

  • Sickness cover – divert your calls to us when you have staff members of sick. Unlimited time cover, to suit your needs.
  • Holiday cover – no need to recruit from temping agencies or reallocate cover within the office, simply divert your calls to us and we’ll take messages for you and transfer when urgent, as per your instructions.
  • Experiencing a particularly busy period, but unsure of whether another member of staff is required? Transfer your calls to us in the interim. You may find that you prefer to work with us, and that all you needed was extra telephone cover during this period.
  • Maybe your business is seasonal, or experiences particularly busy periods throughout the year? Divert your calls to us during these periods, and we’ll take the pressure off you by answering your calls and ensuring that no business opportunities are missed.
  • Temping agency not required when staff on holidays, jury service, maternity leave or long-term sick. If taking calls takes up the majority of their working day, we’ll take them for you.
  • If you’re a one man band, or a small to medium enterprise, and are often out of the office or only have one phone line, divert your calls to us. We’ll message you straight away and it will be sent to your inbox or phone, as you request.
  • Maybe you’re a call centre, who experiences peaks and troughs in your calls, but don’t want the expense of recruiting additional staff and the add-on costs associated with employment. Simply set up the correct system with Face For Business and we could work as your overflow company.
  • Disaster recovery - do you rely on your phone calls for most of your business? Ever thought about signing up for our ‘Disaster Recovery’ package? This will ensure that if ever your phone lines go down, all your calls will be diverted to us and our efficient receptionists will take calls on your behalf, or your calls will be sent to our in-house mailbox service with alerts sent to our receptionist’s emails box immediately, to ensure that they send the message straight on to you. A must if you don’t want to miss that call.
  • Recruitment – want to save time and energy when recruiting? Use our message taking service to capture names and numbers of potential employees, together with important and necessary information such as emails addresses and location. You will receive these message by email, and can review candidates at the end of each day for suitability.


In summary, Face For Business can save you costs on all of the above. We can save you missed business opportunities, capture your caller’s information on our bespoke portal, and provide you with a ready-made address book. This service can also save you time in relation to finding new business. Simply login to your client portal and review all your callers to identify leads.

Not only that, our transparent pricing system and our dedication to ensuring that you are on the best pricing package to suit your company’s needs, ensures that you are never paying for more than you need. Our open, professional and honest promise ensures that we provide our clients with a service that will be valued.

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