New Research from NFU

New research has shown how the quality of life in rural areas has risen dramatically during the second quarter of this year. The National Farmers Union (NFU) Mutual Insurance Society’s latest Countryside Living Index has found that rural observations on the state of the local economy rose by over 10% in the countryside. NFU Mutual offers a wide range of products and services ranging from general insurance, pensions and investments. They conduct regular research on a quarterly basis, and question over 1000 people.

Quality of Life has Increased

In this regular questionnaire, the main findings are that the perception of the local economy has leapt up by 10% meaning that quality of life has increased as well as optimism regarding the future.  The findings also states that NFU understands the challenges for running businesses and working in the countryside, and even though measures such as freezing fuel duty and support for small and medium-sized businesses has helped, Face For Business feels that additional help can be sought for small and medium-sized businesses.

Challenge to work from home

The study also states that young people find it hard to obtain work in rural areas due to the associated commuting costs and high costs of housing. However, maybe this group of people may find it easier to work and set up business from home, therefore avoiding the commute.  Although NFU is urging the government to assist this group by making homes more affordable. Face For Business challenge these young people to set up businesses from home, leaving transport costs at the door.

phone rural silouhette

Face For Business provide call handling and call answering services to groups of people who are struggling to commute to an office outside of their communities. Why not work from home, and choose to divert calls to us? With our service, you can have your cake and eat it in a few simple steps.

How Face for Business Works

Simply speak with us about getting a number from anywhere in the UK and we will show you how. You can answer the calls yourselves and on the occasions that you need to be out of the office meeting new clients or your line of works means you can’t get to the call, simply leave it with us and we will answer it for you in your company name. We will also transfer important callers and take messages and send them through to you immediately. We can even provide you with a virtual address that matches the number you have, cementing the image further.

Face for Business ensures that we know your business inside and out and make it our business to find out about yours.   Working rurally needn’t mean that you miss out on the advantages that city or urban working can offer you.

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