Boosting Brainpower

Choosing what to eat in the workplace can be a tricky decision between right and wrong, good and bad. Most of us reach for the quick sugar fix to boost our brainpower and maintain our motivation, but it’s the sugary snacks that give us a quick short blast of energy, which is usually followed by another slump in activity.


We looked at the most commonly suggested foods to help with productivity at work.

  • Dark chocolate – the flavones in this type of chocolate produce a surge of blood flow to the brain.
  • Citrus fruits – the fresh scent of citrus is renowned for is awakening properties, plus the fruits are full of vitamin C, helping you to keep healthy.
  • Water – we all know the benefits of water, keep a glass on your desk and keep hydrated, which in turn keeps you refreshed. Water also helps you focus and can improve short-term memory!
  • Tea & Coffee – caffeine in both these drinks is known to boost cognitive performance, concentration and focus. However, ensure you drink it in moderation as they can be a diuretic also.
  • Fish – is the common choice for the developing brain as it contains the essential Omega-3 fatty acids for brain function and development. So, maybe instead of a bowl of cornflakes in the morning prepare some sardines on toast!
  • Wholegrain is another food group to include in your diet, which helps productivity. Found in most breakfast bars, popcorn and of course, breads.
  • Dried fruit and nuts – a handy and convenient snack to have on your desk that is easy to eat and access.
  • Vegetables and hummus – with the government suggested that we all uptake our vegetables to seven or ten portions a day, vegetable sticks are another way to incorporate more healthy food into our diets in work. Hummus provides all the goodness of garlic and chick peas.
  • Popcorn – an alternative to biscuits? Popcorn is full of wholegrain goodness and antioxidants – but be sure to choose the natural version as flavoured popcorn is full of salt and sugar.
  • Fruit Smoothie – a refreshing and uplifting drink to have instead of tea or coffee. There are some great recipes for smoothies, which can be adapted to suit your own needs and tastes.

What foods do you find helps you to maintain motivated and stay sharp at work?  Let us know what helps you?  Do you have any further suggestions?

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