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So how far have we come from predicting how technology will have advanced in this century? Face for Business has noted a few predictions below – please send us any technological predictions that you have come across and we’ll post them in a follow-up blog!

Nikola Tesla

Back in 1909, a pioneering physicist made a prediction that messages would be transmitted around the world wirelessly. How accurate was his prediction? These ‘wireless messages’ turned out to be the ‘text message’.

Serbian born Nikola Tesla (who Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacturer) saw wireless energy as the only way to make electricity thrive.  Tesla, who lived in America for most of his adult life, and before he passed away in 1943, had predicted that hand-held devices would be simple to use and that in the future they would be used commonly around the world.


John Elfreth Watkins

John Watkins was a civil engineer who worked on the American railroads in the 19th century, with a noted interest in the preservation of the ‘John Bull steam locomotive’. In 1900 he made several predictions for the Ladies Home Journal publication. (See image above).

One of Watkin’s predictions was that “photographs will be telegraphed from any distance …..and will be published in the newspapers an hour later …. with all of nature’s colours”. This couldn’t be any truer! Today we have the internet and email, which enables photographs to be sent and distributed immediately.


Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov, originally a science fiction writer, predicted that “gadgetry will continue to relieve mankind of tedious jobs”. Today’s lifestyle is driven by gadgets such as the smartphone and iPad, and there are many other gadgets that help improve our day to day living. Isaac also predicted that “communications will become sight-sound and you will see as well as hear the person you telephone”. With communication so technologically advanced presently, we can hold ‘Skype’ calls with family anywhere and businesses are using ‘sight and sound communications’ to hold meetings all around the world.


Face for Business would love to hear from you with any other 'predictions from the past', especially those relevant to your line of business.  Get in touch and we'll feature them in a follow-up blog!

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