Face for Business

We’ve all thought about it. If you could get any phone number in the world, who would you call?

We wanted to find out exactly that, so we asked 1,000 people in the UK: “Whose phone number would you most like to get your hands on?”

Men and women of all ages, from across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, provided us with answers, and the results were fascinating!

 The Top 10

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It turns out the majority of you want to speak to whoever’s in charge. The top four answers were: David Cameron (4.1%), Barack Obama (2.4%), the Queen (1.9%) and God (1.7%).

Unsurprisingly, we also had a lot of responses that included some very attractive celebrities. High on the list were Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Johnny Depp and Kylie Minogue.

Some of you suggested people like Stephen Fry and Richard Branson, who would definitely make for some very interesting conversations!

There were also some slightly more ‘offbeat’ answers, such as Mickey Mouse, Elvis, Father Christmas and Kermit.

All we want to know now is, if you got them on the phone, what would you say?

Download the Data

We collected the data using Google Consumer Surveys. Just in case you’re interested in the raw data and viewing responses by gender, age, location in the UK and income.