We have been searching for the funniest prank calls the Internet has to offer and we have found some examples that are not only funny, but also educational! Keep reading for the full lowdown.

1. This first video features Radio 1’s Scott Mills calling a take away vendor in Scotland. The calls are harmless enough and would make most people on the other end chuckle, but in this case the vendor overreacts and becomes verbally abusive. So they call again…and again. The results are highly amusing.

The reason this video is so funny is because of the vendor’s reaction to such simple jibes. The lesson here: always remain calm, composed and professional when on the phone to a potential customer.

2. You have no doubt had telemarketing calls in the past where you have wanted to give the robotic voice on the other end a piece of your mind. Well, in this video, Arnold Schwarzenegger does it for you. Be warned, especially if you’re at work – there is some mild swearing right at the end of the video.

This telemarketer proves that blind persistence if futile; you need to listen and build rapport with you clients if you are ever going to make a sale.

3. This final video will lighten your mood. It’s is all about a customer who is looking for a particular product (a cookie), and a vendor that wants nothing more than to find the right solution for them. Enjoy!

As you can see, the vendor has a hard time understanding the request at first, but they don’t give up. They remain on the line and provide good customer service until the problem is solved.

If you have some funny prank calls you want to share, pop them in the comments section below!