As stated on its website, The International Festival of Business ‘is the largest global concentration of business events during 2014’. The festival will run over 50 days throughout June and July and will play host to delegates and trade intermediaries from around the world.

This is the first festival of its kind, with its main draw being that it wants businesses to develop, by outreaching to other businesses and encouraging them to make relationships with both international and domestic companies. The festival is also a key part of the governments’ aim to rebalance the economy and to ensure that it is meeting its export and investment objectives.


The festival is focused around several themes:

• Cities, Enterprise and Urban Business
• Creative and Digital Industries
• Financial and Professional Services
• Higher/Further Education and Research
• Low Carbon and Renewables
• Manufacturing, Science and Technology
• Maritime, Logistics and Energy


There is a huge events calendar associated with the event, incorporating business, cultural and commercial events. They range from the ‘Africa Rising’ conference – a high profile event arranged to demonstrate the opportunities across the African continent – to the champagne and afternoon tea and historic tour of St George’s Hall, hosted by the B2B network. Browse the full list of events here.

Business Brokerage and Business Club

With one of the main festival objectives being to create new relationships, a business brokerage service has been setup to enable participants to review a database to be matched up with potential clients/investors. The service is free of charge. All you need to do is register and complete a profile, so your services can be matched.   Like the brokerage, the business club is free to join and will mean that you can access festival services and facilities within the IFB Hub, including free Wi-Fi, meeting spaces and delegate information.

Culture at the IFB2014

As the festival is taking place in Liverpool – a city known for its culture – a calendar of events and has been produced for delegates to explore the city further. Liverpool is a world-class and vibrant city with a whole host of cultural attractions, and offers numerous styles of music, performance and art. Click here for the cultural programme.


As well as being able to plan your visit by adding events to your own online itinerary, the festival organisers have also created a unique app for delegates to use. The app has been made available in two phases – the pre-Festival app is out now, and will help delegates prepare for their visit, with the second part of the app being made available shortly after arrival in Liverpool. App link.

Face for Business and the IFB 2014

Face for Business is excited by the opportunities that this business festival may bring, and we hope to use the business brokerage service to network with clients from the financial services sector, as well as a host of other SME’s that will be attending the festival.


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