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The longest match ever played at Wimbledon

Trend spotting can help our business in numerous ways.  We can ensure we’re updated on business news, be on the ball in terms of innovation and technology and can also use trends to find out further relevant information.

Are you good at spotting trends?

So, how do we spot a trend?  We can read the news and see if there’s a common theme.  There are numerous articles posted on various broadsheets (The Guardian Small Business Network) as well as other articles on the web such as TrendWatching.com.  We can review what’s trending on social media, especially via the medium of the twitter hashtag.  Google Trends is another trend spotting platform.

Why do we need trends?

Trends can help businesses keep ahead of the game and develop and increase their customer base accordingly.  Following what the consumer wants is a way of understanding how to develop your service offering or products, around their ever changing needs.  For example, Face for Business call handle for businesses of all sizes.  Several months after we went live with our first call, we increased our offering to driving schools, as it transpired that the new trend in telephone answering services for driving schools was diary management.  After reviewing this trend, we innovated our system, and now have a fully operation diary management system successfully in place.  What trend have you found success with?  We’d love to hear from you.

How can we use trends to our benefit?

What’s a current trend we can piggy back on?  Well, Face for Business used the ‘WorldCup2014’ trend a few years ago to post an InfoGraphic we’d produced on the official language of Brazil - and for those who aren’t sure click on this link!  This blog post gained a lot of interest for us. Even though it’s not business related, we all need a little light relief, and this InfoGraphic is easy to read and the figures easily digested.

How can we jump on the #Wimbledon 2017 bandwagon?  Well, we can ask people to participate in a survey, asking them to respond to a simple question?  Who won last year’s championship, perhaps?  You could ask for a ‘RT’ for one person or ‘Favourite’ for another.  This method enables you to keep a track on who’s interacting with you, and also gains some brand awareness, as people like to join in these fun questions.  You can then use the results in a blog post, stating how many participated and show the results.  Maybe you could ask your followers to find out the longest match in the history of Wimbledon and tweet the answer etc? See image above - we thought this was a great fact to know, and has this record been broken?!

Let us know what your thoughts are on ‘trend spotting’.  If we get enough results, we’ll publish them in a follow-up post!

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