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Having recently been to watch The Lego Movie with the family, I discovered a number of hidden messages in the film and also found that there were lots of lessons to be learned.
From memory (I've only see the film once!) I thought it would be interesting to relate some of the messages from the movie into business scenarios! Read my conversions below....


Team Work

It is great being part of a team and doing things together. You can share ideas and pool your creative thinking.  Most of the characters in The Lego Movie rely on each other to make things work. Lego City wouldn't function properly if Emmet and his team didn't get to work on time. Everything has a routine and structure and this keeps this ‘lego-tropolis’ revolving. The same goes for most businesses, keep the cogs turning in the way we know works and we're guaranteed to reap some rewards. If the sales team knows what time of the day customers are most receptive, they'll stick to that time.


Big business detracts away from creativity

Alternatively the big Lego boss at Octan Corporation pulls the strings and everything is run to clockwork and time, repeatedly, and creativity is zapped. The characters can't think for themselves and are bound by the rules of the organisation that runs their city.  Contradicting the above point, but by referring to the more creative job roles, if you have to work to a deadline and a limit, it can be hard to think freely and use skills appropriately. All you can think of is the deadlines and what will happen if they are not met, which can leave the more creative minds full of woe.

Creativity caves in

Although lego is creative and creativity is expected to be awesome, sometimes the awesomeness of creativity is lost, and the characters need structure. There is a scene in the movie where some of the characters need to build a getaway vehicle and no matter how hard the 'spaceman' tries, he just can't build the correct structure. The 'chosen one' Emmet has a bright idea to.....'bring out the instructions'!! The inclusion of the instructions brought the team together and they were able to dig themselves out of a hole.  In real life, this can be the case also. If you have free reign to be as creative as you like, it's hard to know where to start. If you're given guidance and a few pointers, you have somewhere to begin and the job is made that little but easier. No one ever told a web designer to just build a website. An architect has never developed a building without some parameters! Instructions can be life savers.


Great Family Movie

The Lego Movie is a great film to watch with the whole family. Parents will relate to the ending of the movie where the 'Dad' chastises his son for ruining his creation without realising that Lego is meant to be enjoyed - by being broken down and reused repeatedly.

There is an interesting part in the movie where the 'resistance' meets the 'kraggle' and this is the point where creativity will be lost forever... But you can watch the movie to find out the hidden meaning behind this....

But, "everything is awesome; everything is cool when you're part of a team"!

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