Seeing as we are in the age of Video Marketing, and that people prefer to watch videos opposed to retain and dissect written information, have you made the move into ‘video marketing’ yet?  Have a read of a guest post we provided for The Marketing Donut earlier this year, about how video marketing can help your business. 

In brief, video is shared more than any other online content.



Video Marketing

So how can you make You Tube and video marketing work for you? First stop is to create a You Tube account, which is linked to a Google Plus account. Both platforms are excellent ways to increase your company’s SEO.


A Few You Tube Statistics

 You Tube has more than 1 billion unique visitors each month.

  • There are over 6 billion hours of videos watched each month
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube every minute

You Tube Channel

Face for Business has several videos on its You Tube channel. They are all informative and describe our service in a friendly and upbeat style.  

Outsourcing service video

Take our video on outsourcing your business phone calls to us.  The video describes our outsourcing service and is complemented by an InfoGraphic on our website – click here to view the video and here to view the InfoGraphic. 


SEO Optimisation

Once you’ve uploaded your video and optimised it for SEO, you can keep recirculating the video on your social media platforms by engaging with the viewer and asking questions, which are related to the content within the video  – this should entice the viewer to watch the full video to be able to answer the question! 

Links to videos can be shared instantaneously and provide a good visual on your social media platforms. 

Videos can tell a story in minutes rather than hours, and are also easily accessible on all smartphones and tablets.   If you have any further tips relating to You Tube and Video Marketing, we’d love to hear them.


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