Plunging in to the sea of recruitment can be a daunting and unfamiliar process for most of us, but with the right information to hand and knowing the type of person you are looking for is a good start. 


Can we help with recruitment?

We, at Face for Business (a UK business telephone answering service), have a number of clients who have called upon our services to help them capture those important recruitment calls.  Our service means that whilst companies and businesses are busy taking calls from clients or potential customers, they can be rest assured that any calls relating to recruitment are captured and details taken.  In most cases, a few simple questions can help you to make a decision over which candidates are more suitable than others, enabling you to prioritise your call backs.

We’ve sourced some information that maybe useful for you to note when considering recruiting or writing job descriptions – we hope it helps!


How to Write a Good Job Advert

Our friends over at The SME Club have the following tip ten tips on creating and maintaining relationships with your recruiter.

National Online Recruitment Awards

Looking into the best recruitment agencies can be a minefield, but where better to start that reviewing the national recruitment awards finalists and winners for recruitment agencies, such as The National Online Recruitment Awards, which provides recruitment companies in the following categories:-

  • generalist jobs
  • specialists or niche jobs
  • regional
  • national 
  • small/large recruitment agencies

Click here for a list of last years finalists
and to keep up to date with this years awards!


Good luck with your quest for new employees!


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