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 Face for Business Left Handers Day

Its International Lefthanders Day today!  Are you one of the 10% of the population who is left-handed?  What inconveniences has it brought you?  Do you suffer using right-handed tools and implements, or do you order specially made left-handed devices? We'd love to hear from you!  So when was International Left Handers Day created?  It was first celebrated back in 1976, on August 13th - this is the designated day to celebrate all things unique about using your left hand.  The day was also created to promote awareness of inconveniences that hinder left-handers.  


Famous Lefthanders

  • Barack Obama
  • Joan of Arc
  • Julius Caesar
  • Queen Victoria
  • Prince Charles - and Prince William
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Phil Collins
  • Charlie Chaplin

To view more famous people who are left-handed click on this link

There is a site dedicated to lefthandedness and you will find lots of interesting information and links to left-handed essentials, tests, surveys and products.   There is also left-handed MENSA tests and brain teasers!  If you're left handed, what are you waiting for?!  Head over to The Left Handers Day website and join the club!

How's about some Left Handed Fascinating Facts?

  • most left handed people draw pictures of people right facing
  • stuttering and dyslexia happen more in left-handers, especially if made to switch to the right hand when young - classic example of this is the story of King George VI of England
  • Left handed people are usually better at tennis, baseball and swimming, as well as fencing

Did you also know that 'Lefties' have their own Lament.....!  Left-Handers club member, Ian Radburn created a song to sing at left-handed events!  View it on The Left Handers Day website here

All in all, left-handed people are special, and rightly so that they should have a special day to celebrate their uniqueness and to share stories about the inconveniences of being left-handed.

If you're left-handed, head over to the links included within this blog post and forward it or share the post with people who you know are left-handed!  We'll be sharing the information with our family and friends!



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