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Advances in technology have opened up the way businesses communicate both internally and externally. Business has evolved from people meeting face to face, to a global and dynamic marketplace. Employees are no longer confined to a location or office, workers now have the ability to be mobile and teams have become virtual. 

NASA and Advanced Technology

It is not just business that has benefitted from technological developments. Advances in communication technology have also impacted our exploration of space.  NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has primarily used radio waves to transmit data from space to Earth. Although radio frequency is a reliable means of communication, recent space missions have pushed its ability of data transfer to the limits, and data demands are only set to increase.

Prior to this, NASA has only been able to download files from space at approximately 10 kilobytes per second via traditional radio communications. In order to combat these communication limitations, NASA has turned to laser technology. 


Lasers enable the production of efficient and economical communications equipment that will help lower the costs of future missions. NASA believes that LLCD (Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration) is the evolution of their space communication capability.  LLCD was tested at the start of the year during a mission to the moon. The LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) was sent to the moon to probe its surrounding exosphere and expand our existing understanding.   Using LLCD, NASA was able to transfer a gigabyte of information in just five minutes. These technological developments will provide NASA with a faster and more versatile means of communication between space and earth.

Effective Communication

You may not need to invest in laser communication capabilities, but simple and efficient communication, as well as data sharing and storage is vital to the growth of small businesses. There are a whole host of cost-effective solutions available that can enable SMEs to compete on the same level as larger global competitors.

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