How long on hold?

No one likes being left on-hold, most of time you have no idea how long you will have to wait and by the time you finally get through to someone you have lost the ability to speak. But what can make this already arduous task positively unbearable is terrible on-hold music.

There is no escape, not if you want to talk to someone.

Top 25 Annoying Songs to listen to when on-hold

We know that there are lots of you out there who feel our pain, so we’ve decided to start the conversation and find out what songs you can’t stand listening to on-hold.  We have conducted a poll of 2,000 people in Britain, and the 25 most annoying songs to hear when on-hold are as follows:

1. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
2. Baby – Justin Bieber
3. Gangnam Style – Psy
4. Symphony no: 40 – Mozart
5. Greensleeves
6. Bad Day – Daniel Powter
7. Telephone – Lady Gaga
8. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
9. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson
10. I Dreamed a Dream – Susan Boyle
11. Livin’ La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin
12. Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole
13. Macarena – Los Del Rio
14. My Humps – Black Eyed Peas
15. You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson
16. Believe – Cher
17. Lifted – Lighthouse Family
18. Diamonds – Rihanna
19. That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings
20. Yellow Submarine –The Beetles
21. Pure & Simple – Hear-Say
22. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
23. Kiss Kiss – Holly Valance
24. One Night in Heaven – M People
25. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

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The Mirror (Press Cutting).

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

Coming in at number one, taking the top spot for the most annoying song to listen to when on-hold, is ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt. Now, we admit that after listening to this track on repeat it will start to grate. That said, we have a lot of respect for Mr. Blunt. If you’ve not seen it already, take a look at his twitter feed @JamesBlunt for some self-deprecating, quick-witted humour.

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On-hold Durations

As well as the most annoying songs, we’ve also found out that the majority of you have been put on hold as much as three times over the past month.  Patience is considered to be a virtue but everyone has their limit. A total of nine in ten respondents will hang up if they are left waiting for more than seven minutes, and a third will hand up if they are subjected to the same song being played on repeat.

It makes you wonder whether playing terrible songs and putting them on constant repeat is some kind of tactic to decrease the number of callers on hold?

We wanted to share our results so we contacted the press. Our story was covered in The Mirror, The Star and The Times. We also got coverage on Good Evening Wales on BBC Radio Wales, and BBC Radio Merseyside.

The Times (Press Cutting)

How To Avoid Keeping Your Customers On Hold

The simple act of being put on hold can generate feelings of frustration, boredom and anger that have a knock on effect on the remainder of your day. Rather than continuing this bad practice, businesses should see inbound calls as an extension of their customer service and make changes to improve their customer’s overall experience.  You can use Face for Business to ensure your companies Customer Service objectives are being met.  Instead of subjecting your callers to the annoying ‘oh-hold’ music, outsource your calls to us, and we will answer your calls as if we were in your office.  Using us as an extension to your service means that callers are not put on hold, do not get frustrated and hang-up, but will receive a first-class service.  Our dedicated and professional PAs make it their business to know yours and are able to inform callers of your whereabouts and take a detailed accurate message.  If you would like to see what our customers say about the call handling service we provide them, please do visit our testimonals page here.

“You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful its true”!