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In order to give more of a face to our business, we have been interviewing our employees to find a bit more out about who they are. We have asked them to divulge their best customer experiences and their favourite pieces of technology.

Today we’re talking to Annette Parker, one of our dedicated Personal Assistants.


What was your first mobile phone?

My first mobile was a 2nd or 3rd hand Nokia from my stepdaughter around 10 years ago. It was a blue and orange, and weighed the same as a brick too!

What is your current mobile phone?

At the moment I have a black touchscreen ZTE.

What apps are you currently enjoying?

I don’t really use them. I only use my phone to make calls and send messages. I’m not particularly bothered about anything else as I have other pieces of hardware.

What piece of technology can you not live without?

I could easily live without my mobile, but the one thing I couldn’t live without is a computer. I have a desktop and a laptop and wouldn’t swap them for anything.

If you could have any celebrity record your answer phone message, who would it be?

Michael McIntyre. He is so funny! I think he’d have great phone manner.

What social networks do you use?

I use Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is for work and keeping in touch with family, whilst I use Twitter for chatting to friends.

Have you had a particular good customer experience recently?

The staff at our local Tesco are always friendly and helpful, we use them for lottery and syndicates.

What makes a good call in your opinion?

A good call is having the abilty to listen to the caller and take as much detail as you can.  For example, when I take outsourced calls from the Accountants we have as clients, I am aware of the nature of the call and the associated jargon.  This helps and gives the exact impression our clients are after.  After all, it is our mission to know our clients business!

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