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On Thursday 18th September people in Scotland will vote on whether Scotland should stay part of the United Kingdom, or whether they become an independent country.  The negative affects on local businesses are a key aspect of the anti-independence debate. The Sunday Telegraph led a poll of FTSE 100 chairmen where 80% believe that a Yes vote would negative economic repercussions on the UK.

With this in mind, we turn our attention to Wales to see if the Welsh population have been inspired by the Scottish referendum to reconsider the state of their independence.

The BBC conducted a poll in February showing that 5% of Welsh voters were in favour of independence. However, according to a more recent YouGov survey for ITV Wales, 17% of people support Welsh independence.

In order to find out the current opinion in Wales, we have just asked 1000 Welsh people whether they think Wales should be independent?


The results show that although 71.1% of people don’t think that independence is the right choice for Wales, a much higher 28.9% are pro Welsh independence.
57% of the respondents who provided us with answers were male, and 43% of responses came from females.

There was an even gender split between for and against responses. 28.7% of males and 29.1% of females are for Welsh independence, and 71.3% of males and 70.9% of females are against it.
We used Google Consumer Surveys to gather our responses. As you can see below, a wide variety of age groups in Wales provided us with their opinions.

Age         For            Against
18-24      36.8%       63.2%
25-34      32.1%       67.9%
35-44     33.2%        66.8%
45-54     27.2%        72.8%
55-64     20.7%        79.3%
65+        19.4%        80.6%

The highest number of people for Welsh independence was in people aged between 18 and 24, however the highest percentage of people against independence was aged 65 and over. It would appear that the new generation of Welsh voters support the idea of an independent Wales.

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