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Malware virus targets Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Face for Business has recently received numerous emails which appear to relate to ‘overdue invoices’ or ‘receipts for payment of…’. These emails are from various unknown email addresses, so, being cautious, we looked into the issue.

We discovered, via a website called ‘My Online Security’, that they suggest this scam uses people’s email addresses to steal other information such as passwords for your bank or paypal.

The golden rule for these types of emails are NEVER OPEN any attachment to these unknown emails.

If you follow the link, the article on My Online Security which show you examples of what the emails look like, and what steps to take to protect yourself.

Small businesses cannot afford to take risks with these types of malware, and it could cost hundreds of pounds to put it right and update security software.

Cyber Security Guide

 HM Government produced this handy guide outlining ‘Cyber Security’ and the steps you can take to reduce the risks to your business.

Click here to view the document

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