Face for Business has been following Manchester network, The SME Club for a while now.  We’re subscribed to their weekly newsletter, and this provides us with insightful information to the current trends and topics in the SME business sector.  We have also contributed towards their Social Media Experts website, via a couple of guest posts, with a further one scheduled for this month.

We hope, as a small business, that you find the information useful and inspiring, as we have.

The SME Club

The SME Club offers small to medium sized businesses the chance to grow their business by means of free advice and information relevant to development and solutions. 

The SME Club is perfect for those small to medium sized enterprises, who want to keep abreast of current information. Sign up for their regular ‘top ten’ tips newsletter here, which includes information from business experts.


The SME Club is a subsidiary of a large corporate membership network called Pro-Manchester, which has over 260 member firms, engaging with over 4000 individuals. Pro-Manchester primarily represents the financial and professional sector in Greater Manchester, but outreaches to industries via events and networking.  If you’re not sure on becoming a member, why not join up for its latest news and events, by signing up for their weekly newsletter, encompassing events in an around Manchester.

The SM Experts

The Social Media Experts is run by the professor of the campus, and is a fun and engaging way to appraise people about the benefits of social media marketing.  The site has regular updates relating to all social media platforms, and has regular guest blog posts from other companies –see our guest post on Hashtag Hours and Google Plus.

Telephone answering for small businesses

Face for Business provides call answering for businesses of all sizes, and we have a number of price packages to suit SME’s.  Have a look at a couple of our case studies and testimonials, and consider signing up for our 7-day free trial to see the benefits we can bring to your business.