You have your emails covered when you’re ‘out of the office’, but have you got your phone calls covered?

Out of the office solutions.

In a recent survey Face for Business discovered that callers felt that they were on hold for about 10 minutes a week.  We found out that 70% of people hang up after three rings, and that 43% of 18-30 year olds would still rather use the phone as a method of communication.  This information tells us that people still want to speak to someone when they phone up.


Divert your phone to Face for Business.

Diverting your calls to a telephone answering and call handling service, such as Face for Business can help in a number of ways:-

  • Customer service objectives are met – callers are being spoken to and messages taken instead of ringing out, giving them reassurance that their query has been dealt with.
  • Gives you peace of mind, knowing your calls are being taken care of rather than hanging up and moving on to your competitor maybe?
  • Sales calls or nuisance calls are taken care of – you won’t be bothered or hassled by them again. We can block them for you and politely refuse their service.
  • Work balance – Busy periods? Deadlines? Seasonal peaks? We’re here to help you.

Have a more in-depth look at the survey results here, in an InfoGraphic we had commissioned earlier this year.

How will you manage your inbound calls during your holiday periods?

Have you considered how you will manage your inbound calls during holiday periods, and whether you will miss any new orders or instructions from clients?  Come and try our FREE 7-day trial, before your phone starts ringing off the hook….

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