Global Entrepreneurship Week begins this week, with events running throughout the week, across the world!

For a list of events in your area, please click here.


Face for Business – Telephone Answering Service

Face for Business, a UK call answering service, discovered Global Entrepreneurship Week last year, during its ‘Take a Step Forward’ theme. As a company, we’d just innovated and developed an online diary management system for the driving schools we take calls for. Here a link to our blog.  We hope you could take a couple of minutes to read how we developed our provision for independent driving instructors, too.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an initiative set-up to initiate start-ups and give entrepreneurs a place to go to gain more information. Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place each November, and thrives on the collaboration between mentors, investors and participants. There is an abundance of advice, information and events to enthuse those who would like to start their own business. With majorly successful people like Richard Branson, Michael Dell and Muhammad Yunus spearheading the event, there is inspiration aplenty. 

GEW Global Facts

  • GEW is celebrated in 125 countries from Monaco to Japan
  • There are 24k partner organisations with each one partaking in at least one event or activity to support GEW
  • There are over 7.4m people who attend GEW whether they’re providing a service, or looking for a service or speaking at one of the number of world wide events
  • Each GEW campaign is run by host organisations, all within the business and start-up sectors
  • There is an annual congress where lead delegates from each country attend an event each March
  • Famous entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, TOMs Shoes, Snoop Dog and Foursquare have (or have) attended events surrounding GEW


Get Connected with GEW

The theme of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week is ‘Get Connected’, and we cannot think of a more suitable way to celebrate this theme by helping entrepreneurs get connected!

So how can Face for Business help entrepreneurs in this area? Click on the pictures below to find a wealth of information suited to entrepreneurs!

Live Twitter Chat with Face for Business Call Answering for SME’s and Entrepreneurs

We will be online, live, for a Twitter Chat on Wednesday (20 November 2014) between 11am and 12noon should you wish to ask about how our call answering and handling service can both complement and improve your start-up business. Use the hashtag #Face4Biz and #GEWConnect so we can find you!




Face for Business interviewed successful entrepreneur, Wayne Hemingway, in the Summer and he provided us with some excellent and inspiring information for entrepreneurs.  We think his advice is perfect for Global Entrepreneurship Week!  Click on the image that follows for a link to the whole interview.


As Face for Business is an advocate for small businesses, SME’s and entrepreneurs, we have written several blog articles on initiatives and campaigns that provide useful information.  Please click on the images below, and they will take you to the associated information. 







We hope you have enjoyed our articles for Global Entrepreneurship Week and hope that our posts and information help you to ‘Get Connected’. 

We wish you all every success on your start-up and entrepreneurial journey, and would be happy to help you manage your incoming business calls!

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