The Results Are In!

A Survey Monkey Questionnaire was sent to Face for Business’ clients at the end of July, to find out what they thought of our service, PAs, messages, value for money and our billing system. The results were very positive and are presented below.

We believe that conducting client satisfaction surveys such as this, proves that Face for Business is committed to providing the best possible telephone answering and call handling service that we can.  We custom our service around the ability and effectiveness of our PAs, which is why we undertake a rigorous recruitment process.


Why Face for Business’ PAs are unique and different to our competitors.

  • We’ll give you a lead PA working with a pool of no less than four PA’s. All calls are directed to the lead PA, unless on call, on lunch or on annual leave. The PA pool is just as knowledgeable as the lead PA.
  • Face for Business PA’s have daily morning briefings. During these sessions, each PA gives an update on their client’s availability, changes to their services and important updates regarding their products and other general information. This means that the pool of PA’s are fully aware of each other’s clients.
  • PA’s are all psychometrically and IQ tested.
  • PA’s are interviewed on two or three occasions to ensure we employ the correct calibre of staff.
  • Any potential new PA’s are brought in prior to employment to ensure that they compatible and up to our standards.
  • Our PA’s are contactable via portal, phone or email.
  • Call recording is built-in, so clients can go back and review and provide us with feedback, which enables us to improve our service.
  • We are UK based, not outsourced to other countries.
  • Face for Business don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best.


We feel that our PA provision sets us apart from our competitors

Our PAs really get to know your business, and as mentioned above, ensure that there is continuous communication. 

Have a look at our testimonials to date, and consider joining us as a client. Afterall, there is always a time in your working day where you could do without the phone ringing, whereas we welcome phone calls!

Face for Business Client Satisfaction Survey – Questions and Results


Q1 – How do you rate the overall FFB service?

Face for Business is happy to report that our clients are 100% satisfied with our service! This is excellent news for us as a service provider, and for a company that relies on its service to retain its existing clients. Customer Service is of the utmost importance to us, and we are striving to become the ‘UK’s best virtual PA/receptionist provider, by going the extra mile for our customers and delivering outstanding quality, service and value’.


Q2 – How well do you feel your PA knows your business?

99% of our clients are satisfied that our PA knows their business well. This means that the systems we have in place are working. We ensure portal and answer screen statuses are updated regularly (by clients themselves or the PAs), PAs call their clients on a regular basis to gain feedback, and to ensure that everything is going well for them. All our PAs have access to every client’s portal, and carry out updates.


Q3 – Do you feel you have regular contact with your PA?

86% of clients confirmed that they feel they have enough regular contact with their PAs. We have recently implemented a new system of client call backs, and these calls will ensure that clients have regular contact with their PAs. Our clients can decide what frequency of contact works best for them – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly. We’re happy to say that our PAs have spoken to all of their clients now, and that they are aware that they can have as much contact with them, as they see fit.

Q4 – How accurate are the messages we take for you?

In terms of accuracy of messages, 99% of our customers confirmed that the messages we take for them are accurate. This is great news for us, as accuracy is something we ask of our PAs from day one – prior to employment, our PAs are tested, and accuracy is a large part of this. PAs messages are also checked in-house as part of Face for Business’ on-going training and service provision. The anomaly in this result has been followed up, and sometimes it comes down to an individual call, and expectations.


Q5 – What value for money does our service offer to your business?

We are pleased to see that the vast majority of our clients say our service offers their business excellent or good value for money. We do have a number of packages on offer, dependant on the size of business, and we ensure that once trials are complete and statistics reviewed, that clients are placed on the correct package for their business size, and amount of calls they receive. We have reviewed our pricing packages with those clients who deemed our service too expensive, and have appraised them on ways to reduce their monthly bills. One way to reduce the amount of calls is to ask for certain types of sales calls to be blocked. Some clients like to know about every call that comes in, whereas others only want to read messages from their clients etc.


Q6 – How clear would you say our monthly billing process is?

Only a couple of clients found that our billing process was unclear. They have been contacted, and are now aware of the way in which their invoices have been raised. However, we have a number of demonstration videos on our company You Tube channel, and the billing process is explained here. Please have a look, we’re sure you’ll find the information very useful.

We asked our clients to leave us any further comments at the end of the survey, and we were thrilled to find the following positive comments…..

“I would just like to say a big thank you to the team at FFB I feel really lucky to have found your service”.

“I am hoping to refer clients to you in due course”.

“Excellent and efficient service”!

“I’m getting good feedback from my customers regards your call answering staff, so thank you and please pass on my thanks/keep this for review time!”

A few of the queries, included…

My landline telephone does ring out it goes straight to Face for Business. Is it possible to make it ring out for a short time the same as my mobile telephone does?
FFB Response: Yes, you can select the appropriate divert option from your landline provider. FFB will do our best to assist you where possible, with technical queries in relation to diverts.

Longer opening hours would benefit my business.
Response: FFB will be opening on Saturdays in the New Year! Another positive step in the right direction to meet the needs of our clients.

I still get emails even when I say that I am unavailable.
FFB Response: You will do, to say we’ve taken a message for you. All messages are sent through to you immediately, via your chosen method of communication (text or email).

I would be interested in possible appointment booking if you did this at a reasonable rate.
FFB Response: FFB already offers diary management, and has created a new pricing package to incorporate diary management for our clients.

In conclusion
Face for Business is extremely happy with the results from our first client satisfaction survey, and hope to continue with the excellent working relationship we have with our existing clients.

We are brand new to the telephone answering service sector, and in comparison to our competitors, who have been around decades longer than us, we feel we are on the right track, and look forward to building upon our existing client base across all lines of businesses.

Thank you to all our clients.